Routine to train at home without material


Whether it is because we do not have enough time to go to the gym, because we do not coincide with the schedules or because we want to start training at home before we sign up for one, today we propose a routine to train at home without material.

What was never so easy? At home, at the time that best suits you and without the need to have any type of material to be able to do it. Today we propose the perfect training routine that adapts to all your needs.

Workout routine at home without material

We will warm up with a couple of minutes of jogging at a moderate pace (a medium pace), then we will perform the indicated exercises and at the end we will perform a trot at a moderate low pace to return to calm.

Routine guidelines

In order to fully understand the methodology of the routine, we enclose some specifications that are referenced in the training chart:

  • Series: indicates the number of batches that we will have to make of the indicated exercise.
  • Repes: each of the series has a number of repetitions that we must perform. In case of having a single number, it will indicate that they are always the same number of repetitions, if you have several numbers each one will correspond to the sequential series that is made, for example, 15-12-10, it indicates 15 repetitions for the first series, 12 repetitions for the second series and 10 repetitions for the third.
  • Rest: it is the time to rest between series and series of the same exercise. When we change exercise we should rest between 2 and 3 minutes.
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