Premature osteoarthritis in athletes: The wear and tear of the joints due to sports


Usually when we hear about osteoarthritis we usually associate it with the elderly or elderly people who have already lived a few years. In these cases it is common for many people to suffer from this discomfort. What is not so normal is that osteoarthritis appears in younger people. Therefore in this post we want to stop in premature osteoarthritis in the athlete. Surely we have heard about it on occasion, but we want to delve more into what it is. For this we will focus on a study as the basis of everything.

An approach to osteoarthritis

First of all it is necessary that we bear in mind what osteoarthritis is. It is a disease of the musculoskeletal system , progressive that increases its effects as age increases. Above all, it is determined by the deterioration and loss of the cartilage found in the joints of the bones. This loss of cartilage with the passage of time causes the bones to rub against each other.

Precisely this lack of cartilage and this direct rubbing between the bones causes them to wear out and produce pain and inflammation in the affected area. Little by little and due to the loss of cartilage, the bone will grow laterally as a defense mechanism, making the joint appear deformed.

Broadly speaking, this is the process of arthrosis. That is why it is necessary that we know how to prevent and treat before it appears, as more and more cases of premature osteoarthritis are detected. Especially in the world of athletes many more cases are recorded due to the abuse of the joints or overexposure of the same to the tension derived from the exercise. To ensure that this is not the case, prevention is fundamental and follow a series of guidelines that we will not ignore.

Factors that can cause the appearance of osteoarthritis

First of all, we will stop at the factors that can determine the appearance of premature osteoarthritis:

  • Genetics has a lot to say here, and is that if there is a history in our family we run the risk of developing premature osteoarthritis. Therefore, in these cases it is necessary to be careful and be cautious, as prevention and joint care can make arthritis not only appear later, but its effects are not so traumatic.
  • Overweight and obesity are other factors that can trigger premature osteoarthritis. The reason for this is that the joint bears more weight and therefore its deterioration can be accelerated.

Caring for the joints is essential through weight control, good nutrition, proper sport …

  • Food is key when it comes to delaying the onset of osteoarthritis. It is true that the cartilages, like all parts of the body, are kept in perfect condition through proper nutrition. Above all it is necessary that the vitamin and mineral intake is correct. Especially vitamin C will help us keep the cartilage in perfect condition for longer.
  • Having suffered fractures or any trauma in the past can accelerate the onset of osteoarthritis. For this reason it is necessary that we properly cure any injury that we have and that we put ourselves in the hands of professionals to avoid long-term effects.
  • The muscular overload and articulate resulting from poor posture and bad habits in sport can be a trigger of premature osteoarthritis. For this reason it is necessary to pay special attention to the correct performance of the different exercises and, above all, not to overload ourselves with excessive weight. Also, if we notice discomfort when doing the exercises, it is better to lower the intensity or to leave that exercise to avoid major damages.
  • In the case of people who practice a career, the use of appropriate footwear and to choose well the terrain on which we are going to carry out is important. In the corridors, osteoarthritis of the knee and hip is usually one of the main problems. For this reason it is necessary to pay special attention in this aspect, since we should not neglect ourselves. It must be kept in mind that when carrying out exercise the joint overload will always be greater than normal. For this reason, it is especially important to always maintain the correct posture and listen to our organism to know when we are at the limit and run the risk of hurting ourselves.

Symptoms of osteoarthritis

Despite having these points in mind when it comes to preventing the onset of premature osteoarthritis, it is very important that we are able to detect the first symptoms when they appear. Your early detection will make us able to remedy before the disease goes further. We will highlight the most common symptoms that we can not ignore:

  • Pain is one of the first symptoms that appear when arthrosis begins to make an appearance. Joint pain is very characteristic and has two variants. One type of pain is what appears while we are exercising. It concentrates on an articulation and if we stop exercising and rest it diminishes. Another type of pain is the one that appears when we are at rest. In this case, when doing any activity the pain disappears.

Pain is the first symptom, in addition to inflammation and stiffness

  • The presence of pain or discomfort in the joints with changes in weather or climate is another symptom . This occurs when the atmospheric pressure varies, and we must be alert to this situation when it appears.
  • The joint crunches when we use the joints is something that warns us that these are not in their best state. Make noise when moving or simply with normal movements will make it clear that something is wrong and that we should take action on the matter.
  • the rigidity in the joints and the loss of mobility in them. The limitation of movements is a symptom that something is not working as it should in the joint. If we add inflammation in the area and the rigidity of it, we can face a case of premature osteoarthritis that we can not ignore, because in many cases over a few minutes this rigidity disappears. Sometimes inflammation can be maintained in the joint and should not be overlooked at any time.

Tips to get to prevent osteoarthritis

Once analyzed the full range of possibilities in terms of symptoms and possible risk points we will give some advice to prevent that we can not lose sight, although we have already made an idea of ​​what is good and what is not to prevent early arthrosis.

Foods that help prevent

As we have seen a healthy and balanced diet is the key when it comes to preventing excessive wear of joint cartilages. Consume foods such as nuts, vegetables, legumes and fish , because they are rich in minerals such as phosphorus and calcium, necessary for the maintenance of cartilage. Along with this intake of vitamin C, as noted above, is necessary to maintain elasticity in the cartilage. This type of vitamin is found in fruits and vegetables, which should not be missing from the daily diet.

Banana, gelatin and chicken broth are foods that we often overlook, but have high concentrations of potassium and magnesium, in addition to its high protein content, which will help us maintain muscle tissues and tendons in perfect condition.

Foods that do not help prevent

Do not forget that foods such as salt, soft drinks, prepared food, cheeses too cured, spinach, strawberries, tea, cocoa … are foods that prevent the proper assimilation of calcium by the body. Therefore it is advisable not to abuse them.

Food supplements that will help us

Sometimes including dietary supplements in the diet can help us prevent the onset of premature osteoarthritis, and more when we practice many activities on a regular basis. Among those we are going to recommend are glucosamine. It is an essential amino acid for the formation of cartilage. This is because it increases the production of synovial fluid, making the joint much more agile, flexible and mobile and does not hurt. In addition to avoiding that the collagen is lost and joint inflammations occur.

On the other hand we have chondroitin. Specifically, this substance prevents the absorption of enzymes that promote cartilage destruction. In addition, we must not forget that it helps to absorb much better water in the joint tissue, which gives the cartilage elasticity, which gives it more resistance to understanding.

Along with this we must not forget that sport in its proper measure is necessary, because in addition to helping us to be in top shape will help us to activate blood circulation and thereby provide all tissues with the necessary nutrients to be in perfect condition. This is why we must not forget that osteoarthritis can be caused by excessive pressure and exercise, but that it can also be the key to preventing its appearance.

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