Personality type D: Can your way of being pose a health risk?


Stress, frequent tantrums or dislikes are associated with greater cardiac risk factors, but perhaps the root of these is not in the external environment but in our personality. Can our way of being pose a health risk?

The reality is that several studies show that those who have a personality that tends to experience more negative emotions and to inhibit their expression in society or what it would be like, be socially inhibited, are those who can suffer greater health problems.

Personality type D Can your way of being pose a health riskPersonality type D

Much has been said about Type A personality and increased cardiac risk, referring to those self-demanding people who have difficulty relaxing and all the time feel stressed or burdened. However, research has yielded inconsistent results on this type of personality and health risk.

On the contrary, Canadian scientists have concluded that those who have a type D personality have more reaction to stress and increased blood pressure and cardiovascular risk, all of which is due to negative emotions and social inhibition that characterizes these people.

Not only may have a different physiological response to certain external factors and therefore condition our health, but also personality type D has been linked to increased production of pro-inflammatory cytokines as well as a higher risk of psychosocial problems and a lower Quality of life, all of which can affect health in different ways and induce the development of diseases.

Also, a study published in the Journal of Psychosomatic Research points out that hypertensives with personality type D have more depressive traits than those who do not have this personality type, which can impair quality of life and increased morbidity and mortality in Such persons.

As we can see, the personality can itself be a risk factor for health but this does not mean that we remain impassive or we can not do anything to change our way of being, arms as though always retain certain traits, there are treatments Stress, behavioral therapies and others that can help us react differently to external factors or teach us to express our emotions so that their seclusion does not harm health.

And we must not forget that optimism is always associated with better quality of life and healthier hearts. Therefore, if you recognize yourself in type D personality it is time to do something to live more and better by taking the external factors in a different way.

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