No more diets: seven eating habits to eat healthily


To achieve an adequate weight and protect health above all, miracle diets are not the solution but we need a true change of habits. Therefore, today we show seven eating habits to eat a healthy diet and say goodbye to diets once and for all.

Organize the purchase of food

Everything starts with a good purchase , because what we have at home is what we finally eat. Therefore, it is essential to make an organized food purchase , that is, to plan what we need and to limit ourselves to a list , not go shopping with hunger but better after having eaten, and always buy more fresh food, being very useful for this purpose. the purchase in the market .

On the other hand, if we go to the supermarket for some healthy products or at least take place in a balanced diet, it is best to look at the labeling of the food before buying, noting in detail not only the nutritional information but also the list of ingredients and other useful information such as the size of the ration for example.

Cook more at home

In addition to buying, cooking is key if we want to eat healthier and thus achieve a real change in habits, so we can start learning to make simple preparations like tortillas, salads, or sautéed and soon we will realize how much our diet can change cooking at home.

We will know exactly what we eat, we can balance the daily menu if we organize the meals ourselves and if we plan well, we will not have to spend much time in the kitchen, but the best, we can convert caloric dishes into much healthier ones such as breaded and battered or the much loved croquettes .

Control portions

In a restaurant or in the fast food stores , the portions have increased markedly over time, in such a way that they are considered one of the causes of the obesity pandemic.

We tend to eat everything they serve us , we are “completers” , so serving the plate before bringing it to the table and doing it with less food can be a great help.

Also, do not eat of the container, avoid distractions , and other tricks can be very useful when you control the portions and achieve a diet with adequate amounts, which benefits the health of the body.

Choose water as a regular drink

The liquids do not produce the same satiety as the solids, so if we choose beverages with calories as sugary sodas or juices we can be adding energy without realizing it and without benefiting at all the health but quite the opposite.

Being well hydrated can promote weight control and if we replace drinks with calories for water , the quality of our diet will improve, as well as, we will be able to produce a remarkable weight loss effortlessly .

Therefore, a good habit to incorporate into the diet is to drink water regularly and leave natural juices and smoothies only for special moments and occasions , that is, low frequency.

Chew every bite well

Once the food has been prepared and served, we recommend enjoying each bite that enters the mouth to the maximum and, at the same time, favor satiety with its consumption by chewing each piece of food well .

The correct chewing not only satiates but also helps to digest and enjoy more what we eat, so it is always beneficial for the achievement of a healthy and conscious diet. Recommend chewing more pick hard foods also being crisp we likesuch as nuts and seeds or dishes containing them , fruit skin and fresh, whole grains and al dente are always more “strong” than refined, between others.

Includes satisfying foods

To stimulate satiety and thus better control what we eat, it is helpful to choose foods rich in water, fiber or protein for our usual diet.

Water-rich foods such as fruits and vegetables or preparations such as soups, jellies and the like are satiating because they offer a lot of volume, but without a lot of calories. For its part, foods rich in fiber satiate because they demand more digestive work and often require chewing, while proteins help in many ways to satisfy and are key when we seek to lose weight .

Thus, choose whole grains, legumes, fresh fruits and vegetables, egg white, lean meats and fish to add to the usual diet can be key to satiate easily.

Self-assess the diet

The everyday self is always helpful in different aspects of our life and food could not be different, therefore, know our diet, keep track of what we eat and always try to improve as possible is key to eating healthier than once and forever.

To achieve this we can use a food diary or record everything consumed and drunk throughout the day , which initially recommend writing and can be cumbersome but after a few weeks we will do it mentally and without difficulty.

This self-control implies for example to know if we have spent in quantities in a meal and we must compensate later as well as, if in the day we have not consumed proteins for example and we must go in the next intake to any food or dish that contains them.

This last habit is what determines the achievement of a healthy and sustainable diet over time, because to self-assess we must have achieved much knowledge and previous experience in achieving a better diet.

Remember that changing habits takes time and therefore, we need constancy every day, being able to start with one habit at a time and thus finally achieve a healthy diet so that we can say goodbye to diets in a definitive way .

Written by suNCh8

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