Motivation to train at home five keys to finding it


When we want to get in shape, training at home is one of the possibilities within our reach, which can also have many advantages: you do not have to move, you have a wide availability of schedules because you train when it comes best, we have a wide variety of exercises that We can do without just material …

Motivation to train at home five keys to finding itBut along with these advantages also appear some cons, being the most common one of not finding motivation to put you to train. And there are always a thousand things to do: “I have to put the washing machine”, “I have to sort the room”, “I have to …”. If you do not have motivation, you will always find an excuse : this is where you can find it.

  • Set a fixed time to train: yes, one of the advantages of home training is that you can do it any time you want, but if you do not set a fixed schedule (even if it is approximate) you run the risk of leaving it for when you feel like it or when Have more time Set an hour: it can be in the morning before you go to work, late afternoon or even at mealtime if you work from home, and meets your schedule daily.
  • Do not train with the first thing you do: dress for the occasion. It’s not a matter of dressing up, but once you have the clothes and sneakers on you will be much easier to get to work.
  • Search for youtube applications or channels to help you: in we have presented some of the applications that you can use to train at home. You have a lot of information at your fingertips: take advantage of it!
  • Get a good soundtrack: music always helps motivate us to train and give the best of ourselves in training. Make your own playlist in Spotify with those songs that put the batteries, follow our playlist made by many of the winners or download some of our music sessions.
  • Record your progress: Keeping a training journal will help you see how you are progressing over time. A good idea is to do a test each month to see how you improve in your physical condition: set a time limit and count how many burpees, push ups, squats or jumps in the rope you can do at that time. Seeing how improvements will certainly motivate you to continue training.

Getting started is always the hardest thing, but once the home training becomes part of your daily routine you will see how much easier it is to continue with it, do not stop!

Written by suNCh8

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