More effective training if we know how


On many occasions we have been stuck in training and we have not known what to do to keep improving. To this must be added that many other workouts are ineffective and it seems that we have been wasting time. So in this post we want to stop at this point and for this we are going to give some keys to make the trainings are much more effective and we can make the most of the time spent in them.

More effective training if we know howIn the end training has a lot to do with getting to know ourselves, knowing our limitations and our strengths. But above all and above all, the most important thing is to listen to our body and to know how we are in each moment. This is the basis of all training and is the best when it comes to evolve correctly. In spite of everything, there are a number of points to consider in order to achieve a perfect evolution.

Plan the trainings

First we are going to stop in the planning of the trainings. This must be done according to the days we train and the goals we want to achieve. Planning exercises and routines is essential to avoid improvisation. Carrying out a pre-planned routine will help us optimize time and training. In addition, in this way we can note the evolution in each exercise, such as loads, repetitions … A good routine should include exercises that involve all the parts of the group or muscle groups that we are going to work.

Routine routine change

The change of pace from time to time is essential when it comes to keep evolving in training. As we have commented on countless occasions, the muscles end up getting used to a routine and the exercises stop giving the desired effect. Therefore it is necessary to vary. In this way we will be able to surprise the muscle with new exercises that involve new fibers. Carrying out this maxim is essential when following an evolution. The usual recommended time for varying routines is at least once a month, although there are people who make changes every week.

Learn the technique first and foremost

Starting the house on the foundations is another main point when it comes to evolving in training. It’s no good getting to train and start with loads too big to not seem like beginners. Using weights greater than our body can bear is a mistake, for it will force us to adopt dangerous postures. Following this practice we will never be able to learn the movements to perfection, and in many cases we will not work properly the different muscle groups.

Beware of the load we use

It is fundamental to start with light weight, with which we are able to perform the complete movement and in the proper way. What is involved is to affect the muscle fibers and make them work and gradually gain volume and strength to gradually increase loads. We must not forget that we are not in a competition and that we should not prove anything to anyone. It is essential to acquire a correct habit in order to be able to evolve properly.

Stretching is part of the workout

If we speak of habits, one that should not be forgotten if we want to evolve is to stretch the parts of the body worked. Stretching is critical to getting your muscles to relax. The workouts are a stress for the muscles and our obligation is to get them to recover as soon as possible. Stretching activates the blood supply and thus the receipt of nutrients at muscle level. In addition, they eliminate tensions and make the muscles relax much earlier. Always in the routines we must dedicate a few minutes to the stretches. They are part of the training if what we want is to move forward in evolution.

Diet also has a lot to do with evolution

Diet is fundamental when we talk about evolution, and it is a point that we often forget. Giving the muscles the nutrients they need is necessary, and therefore our diet when we do sports should be rich in proteins and carbohydrates that can be of plant origin and can be complex. Performing 5 meals a day and avoiding starvation is essential to keep your muscles fed. Turning to natural foods, neglecting processed trans fats is one of the best alternatives for proper muscle development.

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