Mevics, a new wearable that monitors activity in addition to quantifying our position


The world of wearables does not stop surprising us, and is that in such a wide market the only way to find competitiveness is innovating and achieving original functions. This is Mevics, a new wearable that in addition to quantifying activity monitors our posture.

Mevics, a new wearable that monitors activity in addition to quantifying our positionMevics: Our stance under the magnifying glass

Since of the position of the body and the conditions of our spine depends largely on our health, Mevics puts the focus on controlling the posture.

Thus, all the time monitoring the same producing a vibration in case it is altered and showing data and statistics in your mobile application.

Mevics also has the advantage of being a very comfortable gadget and thin to use all the time, because a small capsule is placed on the clothes and this is connected to a device hidden under it. Characteristic that makes it much more attractive than the Lumoback, a band that surrounds the lower back to control the posture at all times.

Mevics is thus promoted as wearable which is useful for use in the office to achieve a good position of the spine at all times, as well as for children looking to acquire a good posture or for athletes looking to improve along with their posture breathing while training.

In addition, this gadget acts as a quantifier of daily activity and records given steps, distance traveled as well as calories burned that later shows graphically in our mobile through its application.

Although its functions are very interesting and return to this discreet wearable that monitors our position in a very attractive gadget, above all, for those who are not athletes and spend long time sitting, we have no details of their price or their way of action and data register.

Mevics was presented at CES 2017 and soon will be in Kickstarter looking for funding and able to order prior to its official sale so surely there we will have more details of this original wearable that can help us improve body posture and with it, health of the organism.

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