If we are beginners in the race we must have some points in mind

With the arrival of good weather we feel like more spending time outdoors and doing sports activities outside. That is why at this time of year it is when more people dare to go for a run in parks and gardens. We at are always emphasizing how important it is to have a prior preparation. But if you are a beginner in the field and you are going to start running for the first time it is better that you follow a series of tips that we want to give you to get the best results and evolve in the best possible way.

It is true that the race is the star of aerobic sports and for that reason the vast majority is launched to practice it, but it is necessary to keep in mind some advice to start in the best possible way. Especially if we have not practiced a career in a habitual way, it is best to start by simply walking slowly to acquire physical form. From here it is necessary that we have a series of things in mind.

A test of previous effort to determine our state

First of all it is necessary that we know what our physical form is and the degree of response of our organism. For this, it is best to put ourselves in the hands of a professional to perform a stress test. This simple test it will help us determine our heart health and the body’s response to physical exertion. It is one of the best things we can do to avoid major ailments and scares while we are doing the aerobic activity in question. The stress test is simple and will consist of measuring our vital signs while we are exercising. This will determine our degree of resistance and rule out any risk we may incur. It is necessary that this test is always carried out by a medical professional who can assess us adequately.

Get us with the right equipment

Once the stress test is done, it is necessary that we equip ourselves adequately for the activity that we are going to carry out. Wearing comfortable clothes that allow us to breathe correctly is essential. To do this in the market we can find many alternatives with smart fabrics that prevent moisture and the accumulation of liquid in clothing, while reducing our temperature. The same happens with footwear, one of the most important parts of the equipment, and that is that it must adapt to our footprint and be strong enough to absorb the impact that occurs when hitting the sole of the foot with the ground.

The importance of starting little by little

It is essential that when we are ready we know that the practice of this activity is progressive , that is, it is necessary to start little by little to go acquiring background and resistance to increase speeds and time of activity. The mistake we usually make is to start very strong from the beginning, which means that we can not carry out a prolonged activity with good intensity. Therefore it is better to start small and see how we respond to the effort. Acquiring a good rhythm, learning to execute well the movements, the breathing … it is fundamental at the time of working the race in the right way.

Alternating walk with career

At first I am sure that due to lack of habit and background it is harder for us to do the exercise. That is why it is important that we take into account that nothing happens because we walk. If we need it, it is good to start walking slowly to acquire some background and resistance. It is also very good that at the beginning, and for a few weeks, we alternate running time to an average intensity with a walk to adapt to the activity and gradually increase the pace and frequency of the race. The important thing is to know that we can not start from scratch as if we were professionals of this.

Plan real goals and objectives that are achievable

A very important point to bear in mind when we are starting in this is not pose inaccessible brands. The best thing is to go slowly fixing brands that are easy to get. For us this will represent an easy and simple challenge that will encourage us to continue training. In addition, setting real objectives will help us to progress much better, avoiding that we get discouraged soon for not being able to achieve what we have set. Keep in mind that sports and the practice of the race is something that is practiced little by little and that we will notice in the long term, not just start.

Written by suNCh8

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