Hydrate correctly, the best to avoid injury and accelerate recovery


Injuries are one of the main concerns of those who exercise regularly. Sometimes the injuries appear with slight pains that arise little by little and that as time goes by they get worse. One of the factors that can make injuries appear more easily is dehydration. For this reason we in this post want to stop at the importance of proper hydration to achieve a perfect muscle and joint and avoid injury.

As we have seen on countless occasions it is necessary to maintain a perfect hydration. But not only do we have to do it when we train, but it is important to stay hydrated throughout the day. We want to emphasize above all in this time of the year when the heat tightens and the loss of liquids is higher. Therefore it is very important to be clear about the fundamental role of hydration in the prevention of injuries and also in the best and fastest muscle recovery.

Loss of minerals through sweat

When we sweat, we lose minerals through sweat. These minerals are necessary at the muscular level, since the correct state of the tendons, joints and muscles depends on them and on the amounts contained therein. For this reason it is necessary that we are able to replace the minerals that we lose and the intake of liquids is one of the best ways to do it. In summer the sweat increases and with it the mineral loss. It is therefore important to follow a series of tips to rule out muscle injuries.

Consume liquids in a habitual way

First of all it is necessary to stay hydrated always. Consuming liquids like water on a regular basis is essential. The way to do it will be with small swallows of water and in a habitual way. What we must avoid is thirst, since this is a symptom of dehydration principles. Increasing fluid intake as the loss increases daily is very important to be in top shape at all levels.

Hydration when doing sports

In the case of sports practice the pattern is the same, that is, hydration is essential and must be constant. Simply in this case the loss of electrolytes and minerals is greater than with the usual sweating of our body. For this reason it is necessary that in these cases we use isotonic drinks that will help us to replace lost minerals quickly and efficiently, in order to maintain the body’s electrolyte levels and prevent damage to the joints, tendons or muscles.

For example, if we have carried out intense activity for at least 45 minutes at a time, it is advisable to use an isotonic drink rich in minerals and specific for the activity we are carrying out to hydrate us during the exercise . Also after finishing training is necessary to continue hydrating with an isotonic drink. This will help us, in addition to preventing, to recover before the exercise.

Isotonic beverage options

Therefore it is necessary that we do not leave aside the intake of liquids. In the market we can find plenty of isotonic drinks. It is always better to opt for those that contain little added sugar . We can also use a beer without alcohol to replenish minerals after training, because it is a drink with very good amounts of minerals. We can also prepare a homemade isotonic drink with lemon juice, water and baking soda, adding some salt. Be that as it may, the important thing is to know that it is necessary to be well hydrated at all times in order to achieve a correct muscular functioning and to avoid injuries when training.

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