How to substitute foods that tell us they are super healthy but they taste horrible


Has it happened to you that they recommend the consumption of broccoli, watercress, Swiss chard or other vegetables but you do not feel like it at all? You are not alone in this but there are many foods that tell us that they are super healthy but they taste horrible. Therefore, today we tell you how you can replace them to obtain similar nutrients and / or properties for the body.

Below we show some foods that are not usually attractive to the palate, its main nutrients and different ideas as well as alternatives to replace them …


The broccoli is a food that provides many nutrients for the body quality as well as phytochemicals with antioxidant and anti – inflammatory effect. These include potassium, calcium, fiber, vitamin C and sulfur compounds.

The latter are responsible for its strong aroma and flavor but also for its protective effect against cancer. The same compounds are found in other cabbages as well as garlic and onions that may be more palatable.

We can also substitute broccoli for kale, bimi, spinach, red cabbage, brussels sprouts, watercress and nuts that offer calcium, potassium, fiber and except nuts, vitamin C.

In addition, it can be very helpful to include broccoli in different preparations, such as medallions, vegan burgers, dumplings and many more. And a good option to replace broccoli is the bimi, which has valuable properties with a much softer taste and pleasant to the palate.


The cauliflower also belongs to the family of cabbage and broccoli shares with good nutrients such as potassium, the fiber and vitamin C as well as sulfur compounds.

We can replace this food with watercress, spinach, peppers, Brussels sprouts, red cabbage, kale, grapefruit and guava. These last fruits do not have sulfur compounds as well as spinach and peppers, but they do provide the other nutrients that the cauliflower offers the organism and for which it is very healthy.

Also, we recommend trying dishes that include this ingredient such as cauliflower couscous or pizza with this vegetable mass where cauliflower is almost not perceived.


The watercress is a green leaf different from the rest whose problem is not that it tastes ugly but it tastes bland on the palate. Therefore, we should know that they concentrate calcium, iron, and it is one of the vegetables with the most proteins as well as one of the best sources of vitamin C for the organism.

So we can find alternatives to add to the diet not only in salads but also in tortillas, empanadas, sauces, dressings and even salty cakes.

Also, we can replace the watercress with cabbage, spinach, Swiss chard, flat green beans, peach apricots, strawberries and strawberries that provide similar nutrients to the body.

Spinach and chard

The spinach and chard are excellent source of iron, vitamin A, carotenes, potassium, calcium and are not very tasty to the palate in many people, so we know that we can cook different either way, replace them with other foods with similar nutrient.

Some ingredients that can replace them are carrots, watercress, paprika, peach apricots, pak choi, bimi and eggs. In this last case we must clarify that although they replace their nutrients very well and even offer protein as well as iron of animal origin they have more calories than these green leaves.

We can also try new recipes with these vegetables such as spinach pancakes, juices, Swiss chard and rice burgers, rainbow chard sautéed with ham or smoothies.


The zucchini is a moisturizing vegetable and very light due to its high water content, but it is also a source of potassium and B vitamins.

It belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family and we can replace it with ingredients from the same family as the cucumber, as well as aubergines, arugula, escarole, asparagus, lettuce and citrus.

With zucchini we can make a variety of dishes with great flavor that can make this food more attractive, for example a zucchini omelette, some zoodles or false tagliatelle, some light savory pancakes or a courgette cream with candied shallots and goat cheese.

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