How to Respond to a Medical Emergency


If you or someone you are with is in the middle of a medical emergency, call 999 immediately. During the initial phase, make sure the victim is coherent, breathing, and has a pulse. Prepare yourself to begin CPR immediately if there is no sign of breathing or a pulse. Sometimes, a person may present with more than one problem, so attempt to address the most life-threatening one first. If you are not familiar with this type of emergency, take an emergency first aid class to learn more about the process. For Emergency First Aid Training Courses, go to Tidal Training

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When it comes to calling 999, identifying a medical emergency can be challenging. The fact is, many people call 999 in a medical emergency without being sure exactly what they’re doing. The emergency response team can help you to take immediate action in terms of CPR but it’s far better to have this knowledge already and to take action while someone else makes the call to the emergency services.

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In some cases, a dangerous situation might need to be dealt with before accessing an injured or ill person. Always be mindful of the surroundings before offering assistance. For example, if there is live electricity then this will need to be neutralised before accessing the individual.  Then, get an AED and first aid kit. While you’re waiting for the emergency services, start performing hands-only CPR on the victim. Kneel beside them and place the heel of your bottom hand on the centre of the victim’s chest. Continue the compressions until the emergency services arrive.

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