How to combine strength training and running to get fit


If you are one of the people that you are starting in the sports world and you want to combine strength training and the race to get in shape, today we give you the necessary guidelines to get it.

A good combination of both disciplines may be, as well as possible, a good way to open doors to both workouts. Do you want to combine your strength routines in the gym with cardio workouts, but you do not know how to start? Today we propose how to get it and what kind of routines to follow.

How to combine strength training and running to get fitIntroduction for beginners: joint training

Obviously, if you are looking for a combination of both types of training is precisely because your goal is not to focus simply on strength or preparing for a career, but to get in shape by touching both disciplines : weight training and cardio.

If we are newcomers in both disciplines, that is, we have never done strength training routines in a gym nor have we practiced the race, it is normal for us to have certain doubts about how to start and in which discipline to focus first.

The fundamental thing to start in this type of weekly training combined, will be to join the gym and begin a strength training that allows us to learn technique and discipline for the necessary time, normally it will take us a few months to become familiar with the new world.
During this time of initiation we can begin to combine both types of training without having to focus solely on the weights.

The ideal would be to begin with a training plan of about three days a week, separating each daily session into two differentiated parts: strength exercises in the gym room and a mini-session of cardio machine.

We will begin with 3 days a week differentiating in each session a part of muscular work and a work of cardiovascular

In this way, while we are taking contact, we will learn the technique of exercises, cadence, periodization and intensity, and all this while we are gaining volume in the world of the race.
As we have said, during the first months we will train alternate days, always leaving a full day, between both, rest. For example: Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

My recommendation: start the session with 40 minutes in the weight room and, after concluding, do a cardio workout of about 20 minutes, either on an elliptical bike or on a treadmill.

In case you have never practiced a race and your cardio volume is not enough to last 20 minutes of continuous running, do not worry. You can start with a plan to adapt to the race during the first weeks, as we propose.
A workout that allows you to go bottom-up through sessions that combine walking and jogging.

We already have experience: separate trainings

After catching up on the weight room and having achieved cardio volume, we will start with differentiated and alternate workouts during the week. In this way, we will train strength routines three days a week, interspersing the career sessions. The objective will be to work both disciplines for equal volume.

An example of weekly planning would be: to train strength on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays; and interspersed with the race on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays
  • DAYS OF STRENGTH TRAINING (3 PER WEEK): we can choose different weekly routines or a combination of the same.
    • Fullbody routines : We will train the three weekly days with high frequency fullbody routines that work all muscle groups in each weekly strength session.
    • Hybrid routines: In this case we can combine mid-frequency workouts such as a torso routine one day a week, a leg for the second day and a fullbody that works all groups for the third day of strength training.
  • CAREER TRAINING DAYS (3 PER WEEK): The ideal would be to train different race varieties with different types of series and intensity.
    • Quality series: with 40 minutes jogging at moderate to high intensity.
    • Days of volume: where we will put more kilometers than in the sessions of quality, but to a lesser intensity, that is to say, with a slower trot.

In case you want to find a career training with higher quality , we could resort to the work of more demanding series, although, in principle, the purpose of this combined training is to get in shape without requiring a career preparation.


As you can see, getting in shape without giving up any of the sports disciplines that you like, is possible. The important thing is to learn to combine all kinds of sports according to guidelines, frequencies and adequate volumes.

You can find multitude of workouts that combine gymnastics and career routines; you can even pose your own challenge as we have done here on occasion.

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