Home remedies to treat migraines


Do you suffer from headaches? Well read on because today we will give you some home remedies to treat migraines.

Those who once suffered a migraine or those who constantly suffer know how annoying and uncomfortable it can be this ailment.

Severe pain that prevents us from making the most natural things, and to think it is tiring.Sometimes drugs have a sedative effect that we can not afford, and that because we are working or because we have other work to do, so today we will try other more natural alternatives for migraines that are also very simple and cheap.

Home remedies to treat migrainesWe will also see some tips that will help to prevent the onset of the dreaded migraine and other habits that we should limit.

Remedies to prevent migraines

Chamomile: Drinking it regularly infusion helps prevent migraines.

Cloths cold water: Once we are with the headache settling a cloth of cold water in the neck relieves pain.

Caffeine: It is one of the habits that we have to control because it favors the onset of migraine.

Melisa: If the migraine attacks us has a hormonal origin an infusion of lemon balm will soothe the pain.

Picante: Limit it will contribute to not getting a headache because this ingredient alters the nervous system

Chocolate: It happens as with the spicy, our nervous system is irritated by consuming, so it is better not to give in to temptation and eat it only occasionally.

Darkness: If we are at home we can find the quieter and darker room. A warm but not suffocating and comfortable allow us to relax.

Exercise: Besides being wonderful for our body can do to improve the quality of sleep.This in turn reduces the occurrence of migraine and its magnitude.

Red meat: It contains a number of elements that favor migraine so we should eat only occasionally.

Tea Lemongrass: This drink will control the tensions which is a reason for headaches occur.

Alcohol: Reduce consumption of alcoholic beverages will help not appear migraines.

Canned and dehydrated: Better than isolate ourselves to the highest and inaccessible as they contribute to migraine shelf.

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