Green juice to cleanse the body


This time, we’ll show you which are the ultimate in green juice cleanse the body. It is very fashionable detox diet of different types of juices and this time we will teach you to “Green Queen”. It is specialized in maintaining energy by plants that can improve body and mind green juice. It’s kind of almost medicinal juice aimed at improving physical fitness and even the mood.

This does not include apple juice so that you can make your taste buds try different sensations as happens when mixing and beat spinach and parsley.

Green juice to cleanse the body

It is a 100% organic juice and emphasizes the use of natural products and certain times of the year.

This kind of natural juices and tonics often helps prevent diseases such as allergies, improve skin, digestion etc. It is very difficult as our lifestyle, get out to the countryside to enjoy the all-natural products and therefore we show the healthiest green juice you’ll ever meet.

It consists of 5 ingredients are combined. You can also add others that are the same style: healthy.

1. Celery

Celery produces a fantastic juice. It has plenty of water and can be used “vehicle” for other green leafy vegetables.

To make it readily celery juice in a blender and avoid the problem of its fibers, go slowly alternating stalks celery, cut into manageable pieces.

Celery stalks are rich in minerals, amino acids and vitamin B. The alkaline minerals containing electrolytes and provide a soothing tonic and rehydration of our nervous system. Celery is also a good anti-inflammatory, diuretic and besides being a mild laxative.

2. Parsley

Parsley has been considered historically like grass that cures everything. It has high levels of chlorophyll and vitamin C contributes more than any other plant, a vitamin that in addition to the properties that we all know is also important for the absorption of iron.

Also provides magnesium and potassium. It is very beneficial for our teeth and our view. Also very diuretic and a uterine tonic, helping to regulate menstruation. Aids digestion and all you have, you are considered unites general stimulant.

3. Spinach

The dark-green spinach leaves are loaded with vitamin K and A, folate, magnesium, calcium, potassium and other minerals such as iron and amino acids. Spinach reduces the levels of toxins in our body and helps us to provide a smooth, healthy and beautiful skin. It is especially good for treating acne, promote hair growth, and fight depression, fatigue and weakness states. It also helps regulate thyroid function and in our green juice mixed with other vegetables, it is the combination and contribution of vitamins perfect.

4. Dandelion

It begins to be sold in most stores of fresh organic products and is one of the best liver cleansers.

So does the pancreas; involved in the regulation of blood sugar levels. With its natural chemical components it is also germicidal and fungicidal, essential for skin and stomach.  It is a powerful diuretic. Being very rich in iron gives you energy and combats anemia.

5. Kale

Very often despised, it is one of the most nutrient-dense vegetables growing on the planet, besides being one of the most cultivated ecologically. It contains more calcium than milk, is particularly healthy to the eyes, skin and muscles. Many will also consider an agent anti-cancer that is essential in our green juice.

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