Gastric Banding, safe and effective treatment for obesity


The gastric band, erected as one of the less invasive when methods treat obesity, is not a treatment at all recognized, despite its extensive experience and benefits, which can turn into problems if not carried out proper monitoring of the patient. This could explain its limited influence in our country.

Effects of the gastric band on the patient

Confirmed its effectiveness in achieving weight loss, the gastric band allow patients experience a gradual thinning, losing an average of 0, 5 and 1 kg per week during the first year.

Gastric Banding, safe and effective treatment for obesityWe are facing a reversible procedure that fails to change the anatomy of the patient or generate constant changes in the stomach or intestines, not to mention all that can always withdraw it deems appropriate. Depending on the evolution experienced by the patient, the gastric band will be adjusted by decreasing or increasing the capacity of the stomach.

The risk of malabsorption is less when compared with other procedures such as gastric bypass, since the band at all times allow normal absorption of essential nutrients for the body of the patient. Faced with another kind of interventions, the gastric band has a smaller discomfort and complications associated with treated, as discussed in previous lines, a less aggressive technique number.

Along with this we can highlight the fact that the gastric band is a simple laparoscopic procedure, with a brief stay in the hospital that would cover between one and three days.

What little recognition of the gastric band is?

However, the presence of drawbacks as removal for tread wear, relocating for displacement thereof or a slow initial weight loss can be some of the reasons that explain the fact that this treatment is not everything recognized it deserves, unlike what happens in other countries like France, the United States or Australia, where this technique is widely used.

In any case, it has to bear in mind that all these problems will not occur if two fundamental factors are met. On the one hand, the medical specialist carry out proper monitoring of the patient and on the other, the latter not regularly see your medical center to check what your progress or refuses to comply with the protocol established by the center.

“In most forums scientists questioned its effectiveness having been reported a number of re-operations for conversion to another technique procedure failure or long – term complications arising therefrom. Based on our experience, such failures would not occur if we continue the monitoring protocol applied in other medical centers internationally accumulating extensive experience with this treatment” – are some of the words thrown by Dr. Jesús Lago, a specialist in surgery the obesity.

The studies performed show a very different reality to what is seen in these forums, as previously stated the doctor, since a is provided significant improvement in percentage loss of excess weight. 

Along with the complete analysis of Dr. Jesús Lago, under the name of “The adjustable gastric band for treatment of morbid obesity: they are responsible for the global results? Analysis of 132 patients treated in the last 10 years “and the excellent results achieved by patients confirmed that the gastric band is a safe and effective treatment for morbid obesity.

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