Fast circuit burn fat to do anywhere


Undoubtedly, interval training helps a lot to lose fat and also allows us to do so in the shortest possible time. But in many cases the imagination when creating circuits surpasses us, that’s why today we bring you a fast circuit burning fat to do anywhere.

The circuits are generally aerobic, but without a doubt, a combination of strength and endurance would be the best option in the face of losing fat and keeping our metabolism more active in the hours after exercise, so let’s go with the circuit.

Fast circuit burn fat to do anywhereSquats, jumping jacks and more

Now surely many of you are on vacation or soon you will be in a different place than usual, in which you do not have enough accessories to perform interesting training routines in the face of your progressions. However, it is always possible to perform physical exercise, so we describe an example of a circuit for this summer :

  • Jumping jacks : the typical jumps that we made in the school, we can realize a certain number of them, or go by time. Depending on the level you have, you can do longer or shorter series, but we suggest 15 seconds of this exercise.
  • Push-ups : after the jumping jacks, leaving the minimum possible rest time, perform 10 full push-ups. If you do not have enough strength, whatever, or even help with your legs and keep them supported.
  • Squats : The next step is to perform fifteen squats with body weight as fast as possible. It seems easy, but after the other two previous exercises, you sweat a lot.
  • Burpees : make the maximum number of burpees possible in 30 seconds.

This circuit does not require any specific material, so we can do it all and without any excuse. Soon we will bring you another proposal to make if you go to a destination in which there is beach or pool.

Written by suNCh8

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