Exercises for toning the body


The consumption of sweets and fatty foods causes inevitably win some extra kilos. The key to losing is to combine a balanced diet with a routine of specific exercises for toning the body after the excesses committed. Here are some of them…

Tone your body with these exercises

1) Crunches: It is a classic and one of the most effective exercises to lose centimeters in the area of the belly. We lay on his back, with his back on the floor and legs bent.

Exercises for toning the bodyWe put hands on the neck and abdomen by force (never with the neck), raise the upper body as inspiration. After we drop down while the air and, without fully support your back on the floor again, we repeat the same movement. We can start with sessions of 20 times a day and increase them when we win strength.

2) Squat: Stand with legs slightly apart, bend your knees as if we were to sit, supporting all the weight on the heels. We can do three sessions of ten a day.

3) Toning legs: We rely on the seat of a chair, open up to the shoulders and legs outstretched arms. We raise one, while dropping the weight of the other on the toe. Move the raised leg forward, as if we take a knee, and return to the original position. We total of 20 repetitions, alternating both legs.

4) Bridge: This exercise is especially effective for strengthening the buttocks. Lying on your back, we lift the trunk and keep this position for about three seconds, and repeat the movement without actually support the back on the floor. With three sessions of ten times a day will suffice.

5) Weightlifting: Again, we lay down on his back with a small dumbbell in each hand. Flex knees, resting your feet on the ground, and raise arms at an angle of 90° elbows. The stretch slowly up and back to bend, we repeat the operation 10 times.

6) “Mountain climbers”: It is a very costly exercise at first, so we must go slowly to avoid injury. It is done resting his arms on the floor, separated at shoulder height. We raise the trunk and legs move as if we were running, but without leaving the site. We can start holding 10 seconds and gradually increase the time as we go gaining strength. It is a good exercise for toning the body.

7) Hip Extension: With forearms and knees flat on the floor, we extend a leg up. Repeat the exercise ten times with each leg, making a total of three daily sessions.

Finally, it is important to be consistent with these exercises, as it is the only way to achieve good results. It is also essential to take a few minutes prior to warm up the muscles, in order to avoid injury.

What you have like these exercises to tone your body? Do you have proved useful? Which one would you recommend you?

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