Everything about vacuum cooking: so you can apply it at home


The way we cook food can greatly condition its nutritional quality as well as the taste, texture and other characteristics of the food, therefore, it is always advisable to choose carefully the cooking method to be used. Today we tell you everything about vacuum cooking and its possibilities when preparing food.

What is vacuum cooking?

Vacuum cooking is widely used at an industrial level for subsequent cooling and cooling before reaching the consumer. However, at home this technique can be put into practice by placing a food inside a bag or barqueta that is sealed without leaving air inside it.

With the “vacuum” food, a wet or dry cooking method is used, such as the conventional oven, the steamer or others, achieving a different cooking that favors the retention of vitamins and minerals, according to a study published in Trends in Food Science & Technology, and may even be beneficial for the organoleptic characteristics of food.

But the most important thing is that vacuum cooking allows food to be returned to a lower temperature than is used when pasteurizing and sterilizing. In addition, it lengthens the useful life of the preparations and with an adequate control of the temperature it represents a very versatile tool at the time of cooking, since we can achieve different textures and / or flavors in the food, according to a review published in 2012.

Also, with the vacuum cooker the handling of the food is considerably reduced, since everything is carried out at the beginning but when we close the bag and seal it, nothing is touched. Thus, the process is much more hygienic and hence also its safety.

However, vacuum cooking may require a lot of time, especially if we want to take full advantage of this technique that is developed at low temperature, this being the only one that many people and / or businesses find, as well as requiring specific tools to be able to perform a proper cooking.

How to apply vacuum cooking at home

The truth is that more than once I used the vacuum sealing bags to cook in a conventional oven and the result is always surprising in terms of taste, aroma and texture and best of all, your oven never gets dirty as it would be without the bag. However, this is not the well-applied method, because at no time is the temperature controlled correctly.

In a vacuum cooking the temperature must be low , therefore it takes longer and is healthier, as the food does not burn, it does not scorch or generate toxic substances, but on the contrary, they retain their original nutrients.

For this, today we have at our disposal vacuum cookers such as the Sous Vide or the Crockpot that our colleagues have already tasted from Direct to the Palate.

In no case is it economic or small size tools, but they admit many uses and what we spend on their purchase we save on the waste of ingredients or, buying cuts of meat harder (and cheaper) than with vacuum cooking Surely they are tender and super tasty.

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