Ending spring asthenia is simple with proper nutrition


With the arrival of spring and the first heat the vast majority of us usually find ourselves heavy, fatigued and lacking in desire to do anything. For many it is usually a challenge to deal with our daily activity and even the trainings make us uphill. So in this post we want to stop in some foods that can help us overcome this period known as spring asthenia.

Ending spring asthenia is simple with proper nutritionAbove all, we must keep in mind that the change of time causes our body to begin to awaken and the activity in it to be greater. This is why the requirement for vitamins on the other hand is greater. This is why we want to emphasize the intake of certain foods that we have available and that will provide us with adequate doses of vitamins to be able to cope with this period and see us with batteries charged at any time.

Pollen to feel stronger

As it could not be less, the support that we are going to need we will find in the fruits and vegetables. But we are going to start with something that is neither one thing nor the other, pollen. Usually used to avoid allergies, but we will recommend your intake because of its high vitamin content that will help us feel stronger. First of all it is necessary to emphasize its invigorating power, and precisely for that reason it will be of great help to us.


Among the fruits we will highlight the strawberries. In spring is when we find the best varieties, as it is their season. They give us vitamin C, antioxidants and folic acid, in addition to being rich in iron. This will help us feel more energetic.

The importance of citrus

Citrus fruits like lemons, grapefruit and oranges are highly recommended in spring because they will give us high doses of vitamin C. This makes our defenses increase in the rigors of this season. Consuming at least one piece a day will make us feel better and more energized.

Banana and Tryptophan

Banana is another fruit that will help us a lot in the spring. In this case we will especially highlight tryptophan, a natural amino acid that will suit us very well to feel better, since it is one of the best antidepressants that exists. To this we must add the potassium that gives us, which will help strengthen the nervous system.

Let’s not forget green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are very important at this time of year. Some such as spinach, arugula, canons … will give us good amounts of folic acid. This nutrient is essential to give the body the vitality necessary to face the spring days and overcome the asthenia.

Whole grains for strength

We should not forget whole grains . Being absorbed by the body slowly we will get the energy to hold more in the body. That is, our body will always have the batteries loaded to get what we need to feel strong during the day. Therefore it is important that in our diet are included.

It is true that there are many more foods necessary and suitable for spring and thus overcome asthenia. Surely each one of us has his favorites, and for that we invite you to expose them in the comments of this post to make us all have many more alternatives than the ones exposed above.

Written by suNCh8

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