Do you tend to gain weight at this time of year? Tricks that will help you avoid


More than one answer “yes” to the question of the owner, as is often the case the weight gain at this time of year when weather temperatures begin to drop. Today we tell you what this trend is due and leave some tricks that will help you avoid it.

Colder more weight, why?

No doubt many will think responsible for weight gain in the colder times of the year are the foods we usually eat, however, the cause may also be in our internal clock.

It has been found that our biological clock is altered so as certain hormones are modified to changes in the sunlight, and exposure to it is linked to low weight and body fat due to increased metabolic activity.

Do you tend to gain weight at this time of year Tricks that will help you avoidIn addition to a lower caloric expenditure caused by a slowed metabolism, we can gain weight this season because less exposure to sunlight affects our mood causing often decay or depressive symptoms in our body, encourage the desire to eat sweets or “pleasurable” foods that counteract our broken humor.

Part of the responsibility of these changes have hormones that respond to climate change in addition to causing the above, more fatigue and desire to sleep, therefore, is also likely to perform less physical activity than in summer or spring by these months of the year.

All this is what usually returns frequent weight gain at this time of year, but the good news is that we can help with simple tricks.

How to avoid weight gain this season

As we said, in autumn and winter fat is a common problem faced by many more people than we imagined, however, we can take action to avoid weight gain this season .Take note:

  • No hibernes: Try to keep your level of physical activity or even increase progressively this season. Avoid hibernating in and out of training so as to prevent the reduction in caloric expenditure by the slowed metabolism and greater calorie foods like eating are the perfect formula to fatten this season.
  • Always starts with soup: This time because we want a hot dish, we always recommend to start a meal with soup, because it has been proven that their intake helps reduce subsequent caloric intake at each meal.
  • Dishes Healthy and light spoon: The spoon dishes do not have to be loaded with fat and energy, but we can achieve healthier alternatives picking vegetables, lean meats and especially, adding to the same variety of seasonal vegetables that are satisfying, they provide water and very few calories.
  • Do not let chew: Try to encourage chewing preparations or choosing foods high in fiber or hard consistency, as these have proven to provide satiety and help control caloric intake at subsequent meals.
  • Enjoy the cold: If not hibernal but go out to enjoy the lower temperatures and the different landscapes that the season offers, you’re exposing yourself to cool slightly and that has proven to be a good resource to boost metabolism and increase energy expenditure.
  • Control your emotions: As we, the hormonal changes that accompany climate change can affect our mood and make us feel tired, sad or stressed, all of which can stimulate food intake without hunger. Therefore learn to control emotions can be key to avoid gaining weight this season.

It is very frequent and regular gain weight at this time of year. If you usually suffer this change, we recommend you consider the tricks to avoid that we gave earlier.

If you can avoid gaining weight this season will be guaranteed success in your swimsuit operation next year and arrive comfortably fit the spring and summer.

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