Do you lack motivation? The advantages of joining a running group


If you are already preparing your body for the summer or if you simply run for pleasure or to stay in shape, there are some days when you do not feel like tying your shoes and going miles. It’s not uncommon, it happens to everyone: from the beginning to the most experienced athletes, we all have bad days.

One of the best ways to motivate yourself can be by targeting a career : coaching with a goal in mind will make you take your exits very seriously and make it important for you to meet your schedule.

But sometimes it is not enough and we need a little more push to help us go out on the street ready to give everything on the asphalt. The best solution? Join one of the running groups that are sure to be in your city : we explain the advantages of running in company.

Do you lack motivation The advantages of joining a running groupWhich running group do I choose?

At present we can find very different running groups with different goals. There are broker clubs where we can get a personalized training for a specific goal : for example, if your goal is to run your first 10 kilometers in the medium term , these broker clubs will make weekly, monthly or quarterly planning of your training for Achieve your goals.

In addition to these personalized trainings for you, there are usually group outings at a central location at least once a week, in which you share career training, technique and strength with the other members of the club.

Another option is to find or organize your own group of riders through mobile sports applications or social networks. Personally, Twitter has helped me to know many runners, both from my city and from outside, and whenever I can I approach the falls that are made especially for long runs (those of a high number of kilometers, which always Are best made in company). The only thing we should try is to find people who have approximately our same level and similar goals.

What does a running group offer you?

The most important thing that a running group can offer you is that motivation that you lack to run for a few days . Know that you have an appointment with your training partners, feel how the group pulls you when you think you can not more in the last series, share photos and videos after running out … That’s what motivates you to go out to Run when you thought you could not do it.

Another of the most important things you can bring a running group is the experience of your veteran colleagues . Surely someone in your group of runners already has experience in the distance that you are preparing and can give you very valuable advice on the altimeter of the race, in what kilometers you can give everything and in which it is better to reserve energies, what are the points Keys to hydrate you or where is that rise that will leave you breathless if you are not well prepared.

In running, as in everything, the experience is a degree, and those who take more miles than you behind can be very helpful in front of your new personal challenges.

The group outings in the clubs of runners also give you a lot of information about yourself : if you usually run with music, in these outings you will be talking to others (as long as the pace allows, of course) and you can listen to your Body and see how it responds to the effort.

Running in groups with your training buddies (who eventually become friends) is one of the best things you can do to motivate you to start running or to keep running when you feel like failing. The group is strong!

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