Dealing With Impacted Ear Wax and Knowing the Signs to Look Out for


Our ears produce wax to help to protect the ears from infections and to keep them clean. However, ear wax can also be the cause of problems from time to time and one of the most common ear problems is impacted ear wax.

If the wax builds up in the ear, it can lead to problems, so it is important that people who are suffering from impacted ear wax find a professional like this by searching online for ear wax removal near me who can get it sorted out for them.

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One of the biggest causes of impacted ear wax is from trying to clean out the ears yourself. People often wrongly think that to clean out their ears they need to poke cotton buds into them, however this does far more harm than good and can end up pushing the earwax deep into the ear where it then can become impacted.

Although this is the most common cause, other causes of impacted wax include having very narrow ear canals and inner ear tubes, getting a lot of water in the ears and wearing earphones to listen to music.

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There are many symptoms that you might notice if you have impacted ear wax. These include ringing or high-pitched whistling in the ears, known as tinnitus, feeling like the ear is full and blocked, pain in the ear and a dizzy feeling.

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