Burn fat and strengthen your abdomen at home, in just 4 minutes, with these three Tabata routines


If you want more tonicity in the middle of the body and remove the last unruly grease that surrounds your abs, we propose you to achieve results at home, in just 4 minutes, with these three Tabata routines specially designed to burn fat and strengthen the abdomen.

Burn fat and strengthen your abdomen at home, in just 4 minutes, with these three Tabata routinesBefore presenting our routines, we remind you that the Tabata method proposes to perform a training at high intensity intervals. Specifically: 8 intervals of 20 seconds alternating with each other for 10 seconds of rest. In each interval we should try to perform the highest number of repetitions of each movement in order to intensify the work.

Routine 1

In this case four exercises are chosen that we will repeat in the last four intervals of the Tabata routine and with them we will work the abdomen while burning fat given the movement they require and the short rest time between one interval and another.

The exercises are: bicycles or alternate obliques, side-by-side iron with movement or side-to-side , starfish crunch that consists of extending arms and legs before performing the crunch to place the body in the form of “star” and elevation of legs and hip as it’s shown in the following:

With this routine we will work abdominal obliques, transversus abdominis and the lower portion as well as the superior rectus abdominis while at the same time, we burn calories and fat.

Remember that we should never alter the technique of each exercise but that it is important to perform as many repetitions as possible of each movement to get the most out of the routine.

Routine 2

As in the previous routine, four exercises are proposed that we will repeat in the second half of the Tabata routine, always trying to perform the maximum of repetitions of each exercise in each 20-second interval.

The exercises are the following: abs in and outs or flexoextensions of legs and trunk , abdominals in V or V ups.

The movements included in this routine are of high intensity, hence allowing a significant effort and work of all the muscles of the mid -body area as well as burn fat by producing an elevation of metabolism.

Although it is always possible to replace one exercise with another, with this routine we can request obliques, greater rectus abdominis, transverse abdominal and other muscles of the body.

Routine 3

With an original proposal, this Tabata routine proposes to perform an active rest between each interval of 20 seconds, thus, it only uses two movements to structure it.

Specifically, it consists of 8 intervals in which we must perform for 20 seconds to lift legs to work greater rectus abdominis, especially the subumbilical portion thereof, and each of these intervals must alternate with each other for 10 seconds of bicycles to work internal and external obliques.

This is a much more intense routine than the previous ones because the rest time is not used, therefore, the effort is much higher.

With these three Tabata routines you can burn fat and strengthen abdominals in your home, without any equipment and in only 4 minutes, therefore, there are no excuses to get fit!

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