Avoid the extra kilos this summer with these simple guidelines


It happens to all of us (including me): we get to the summer great and, suddenly, we see how the scale goes off. Habit changes, more copious meals and drinks, as well as other factors, make us gain weight during the summer. In fact, the statistics prepared by the Aora Health, say that at this time 54% of peoples change their diet and 26% fatten more than 5 kilos (I give faith). Therefore, we will propose some very simple guidelines to avoid weight gain during the holidays, which we will have to apply as well.

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Of course, it is the key to everything, including our ills. And during the holidays we relax. We arrive at our destination of relaxation and we see delicious succulent breakfasts that add up and add calories to our diet, we dispense more of fresh foods for saturated fats and fried foods (those squid chiringuito well frititos, what a delight!), and we include many pre-cooked foods, sugars, lots of snacks and more.

Therefore, the proposal is to avoid as much as possible all these things and try to maintain a balanced diet as we usually have. It is not that we deprive ourselves of everything, that we also have to live and enjoy, but we can avoid heavier meals, and those that include foods of which we have spoken before. We can always eat a good squid, but better grilled than fried.

An ice cream? Yes, of course, but with a head. According to the same survey, in the months of July and August the consumption of ice cream and sweets increases (35.45%), and of prepared meals (5.45%), which makes us see that we do not opt ​​for the healthiest. Well, we who are aware, yes we will.


Yes, during the summer months the consumption of beer and soft drinks increased by 22.73% according to the same study, which also gives us the idea that we abuse more alcohol and the sugars in soft drinks that do not help at all. maintain a balanced diet.

A cold beer yes, but with a very moderate consumption avoiding cocktails and preparations, that is to say, the glasses since those that add totally empty calories that then cost a lot to remove.

A lot of movement

Yes, in summer there are no excuses to move more, to do more sport, including those that we can only do at this time of year. Walk, run, HIIT routines … Everything that goes through your mind, you do not have to work so there are no excuses for time or what you can think of. You have to get out and move.


There are times we forget to drink water. Yes it’s correct. In summer, although it is the time when we are most dehydrated, we also forget to drink water for other types of drinks such as soft drinks. Well, you have to drink water, without more, it is the fundamental source of hydration of our body and we will avoid the retention of liquids, the constipation and we will find ourselves better. If you do not drink water just like that, you can always choose to add a little fruit, infusions …

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