A small but dedicated Cottage Hospital and its team of doctors and nurses


Small Cottage Hospitals where patients are treated more with kindness and respect rather than medical ailments are sadly on the decline. There are fewer and fewer places for patients to go to, who are ready to leave the hospital but are not yet well enough to go home.  These Cottage hospitals and the small team of dedicated staff focus more on the recuperation and well-being of their patients than treating them medically.  The wards are intimate and cosy, and they have fully trained staff who specialise in physiotherapy and other treatments that are aimed at getting the patient out of hospital and back into their own homes.

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Most of these highly trained staff will have received intensive Clinical Training Courses from a professional company such as https://www.tidaltraining.co.uk/clinical-training-courses.  The patients quickly benefit tremendously from the care and attention they receive and are much more able to return to their own homes. They are stronger both physically and mentally because of the old fashioned yet modern forward-thinking approach of a Cottage hospital.

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These small, dedicated Cottage Hospitals are often set in beautiful grounds and the recovering patients, and the wonderful staff get to spend time in the fresh air, enjoying the peace and quiet of nature.  This type of natural healing is essential for a person’s full recovery and patients who are lucky enough to be treated in one of these amazing facilities usually recover fully.

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