20 minute circuit to get fit on the beach with the TRX


One of the things that can not be missing in my suitcase when I go on vacation is the TRX: it is a perfect accessory to train anywhere, including the sand on the beach, where all the exercises multiply their difficulty due to unstable terrain.

If the beach where you have some kind of games for children, fixed pole or towers for lifeguards, these are usually good places to hook our TRX (ask for permission before or choose an hour of the day to train to which no children) and get fit with a few minutes but with intense training. Here you have a simple circuit to do with the TRX on the beach and not lose shape during the holidays.

Circuit with TRX to train on the beach

Personally, training with TRX I prefer to do always in circuit because I find it more entertaining: I usually do three full rounds of the circuit training for time (50 seconds of exercise and 10 seconds of rest) and with a break of one minute between the different rounds. This makes a total of 20 minutes of training in total (without counting the previous warm-up and subsequent stretching).

If you do not feel comfortable with this type of training you can also choose to perform three sets of each exercise of between 10 and 15 repetitions, leaving a small break between them. Remember that it is training that must adapt to us, and not the other way around.

The circuit is formed by six exercises with which we can work all the large muscle groups of our body. In addition, working with the TRX our middle zone is always active to help us maintain a proper posture.

Lunges assisted with the TRX

A simple way to improve our technique when performing lunges is to use the TRX as help or support. Holding with both hands the grip of the TRX and keeping the shoulders back and down and the elbows bent at 90 degrees, we will be able to go down with the back straight (one of the most common mistakes in the lunges is to tilt the back forward).

Lunges alternate with jump

If the exercises with jumping are already hard, even being assisted with the TRX, doing them on the sand of the beach increases its difficulty remarkably due to the unstable terrain. Of course, they will get the pulsations through the clouds in a very short time and make us work the power of our legs and the muscles of our central area.

Beware of the ankles , especially if we do this exercise in the sand: it is relatively easy to land badly with one foot and hurt ourselves, so we have to be careful in this regard. A good idea is to start exercising slowly, without the jumps (as we have seen before in the assisted lunges) and, once we have mastered it, integrate the exercise with alternate jumps.

The archer

A very interesting variant of the traditional chest press with the TRX is this archer’s exercise. The difference between both is that with the goalkeeper we keep one of the arms stretched while the other is flexed as in a normal press . In this way we create an asymmetry that forces us to “reprogram” the movement pattern to which we are accustomed.

With this exercise we also work our middle zone , both the deep muscles of the abdomen and the muscles of the back, which are active to help us maintain a correct posture throughout the movement.

Medium rowing with TRX

One of the exercises most used with the TRX and that allows us to work the musculature of our back is the average paddle: in the absence of a bar where to perform pullups on the beach, this can be a good replacement . Remember that the more inclined and closer we are to the ground, the greater the force we must exert to get up: we can start by placing ourselves more vertical with respect to the sand and keep gaining inclination as we improve in this exercise.

To take into account: we should not let the hip fall to the floor when we are stretching the arms, but we must always keep back, glutes and legs forming a straight line. For this, the axial elongation and the consequent activation of the musculature of the central zone is basic to maintain a correct posture.

Push-up with pike

A very demanding combined exercise with which we work both our chest and arms through the push-ups, as our shoulders and our abdomen thanks to the pike. It is important that we know that we must place ourselves ahead of the anchor point of the TRX (or, at least, below it) in order to perform the pike correctly and continue to maintain tension in the TRX tapes.

Oblique twist

An apparently simple exercise that makes us work our obliques and our middle zone on fire. We only have to stand sideways in front of the TRX anchor, let us fall slightly backwards by turning the trunk and return to the initial position initiating movement from the abdomen . It is important that we make sure that we do not force the arms, but that they only accompany the movement.

With these 20 minutes of daily training when we are on the beach (and a little cardio training if we want, for example, running through the sand ) we can count on a full job of our entire body, also on vacation .

Written by suNCh8

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