13 ways to jump like a skater to work the whole body


Skater jump also called skater jump is a very complete and demanding exercise that allows us to tone all the muscles of the lower train and the middle area of the body and also, burn calories. That’s why today we show you some variants of this exercise as the following 13 ways to jump as a skater to work different muscles at the same time.

A good technique

The technique of each movement is key if we want to make the most of it without putting at risk of injuries to our body, therefore, we remember the following points to consider to make a perfect jump of the skater :

  • The knees should always be flexed while performing the exercise, because only in this way the quadriceps work intensely and we can dampen the jump correctly.
  • The arms must accompany the movement of the legs, therefore, we must execute a brace with one hand up and forward on the sides of the body and when it goes down is done with the opposite arm.
  • The back should be straight during exercise, but the trunk should be tilted slightly forward to get a good job of the lower train.

With these tips in mind you will achieve a good technique when making the jump of the skater and you will get greater benefits of the movement.

13 ways to jump like a skater to work the whole body13 ways to jump like a skateboarder

The jump of the skater is a very versatile movement that we can take great advantage if we vary its execution, because we will be able to work the whole body and to burn calories.

To intensify the aerobic work we can move while performing the jump or else, we can accentuate the work of muscles of the lower train by climbing each step to a step. These and other possibilities are shown in the following video:

We can add elements or weight to intensify the work of the upper and middle train of the body, or we can accentuate the work of buttocks and legs performing in skater position a squat with only one foot as a support.

Another way to jump as a skater is to do it in combination with another exercise , for example, running burpees and jumping skater in turn.

If you want to take great advantage of this exercise that you can put into practice in any space and does not require more equipment than your body, you can try these 13 ways to jump as a skater to work your whole body .

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