How to make a personalized map on Google Maps with things to visit


If you are thinking about going on a trip and want to organize preparing a route on a map, today we will show you how to make a personalized map on Google Maps with things to visit. It is one of the options that allows you to put markers and roads on the map, saving everything to consult it whenever you want.

The option to create this type of map is a little hidden, but you will see how when you know where it is it will be very easy to enter and start editing them. Even so, we are going to indicate step by step the process that you have to follow to get there.

Start the creation of a map

The first thing you have to do is enter the Google Maps page. Once there, first make sure you are identified by looking up the circle on the right with the avatar of your account (1) instead of the Login button. Next, to the left of the search bar you will have an icon with three stripes (2), just at the top left of the window. Click on it to display the Google Maps menu.

Pressing the Google Maps menu will display several different options. In this drop-down menu you have to click on the option Your sites. In this section you will have your list of custom maps, and is where you can create a new one.

On the Your sites screen, make sure to click on the Maps category, where you will see the ones you have already created. Now click on Create map and you will create your own custom map. You can name it, and all the directions of routes and places to visit that you add will be recorded in it.

From here it’s yours. At the top you have a search bar to find sites, and below several tools to write on the map. Among these tools you have, for example, one to add markers (1), another to create road routes between one point and another (2), to write directions on the map (3) or one with a rule icon to measure distances (4).

On the left side you have another box. If you click on Map without a name you can change the name and description of the map. You can also click on the Base Map option to choose the type of map you want to use to write about it. You have the classic map, the satellite view, highlight, political and so on up to a total of nine designs.

At this point you only have to play with the tools to write on the map and indicate which sites you want to visit and how to get there. Everything you do on the map will be automatically saved, and you can access it whenever you want by going back to the Your Google Maps sites section.

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