Windows to the soul


Getting your eyes checked regularly is very important for a number of reasons as it’s not easy to know when there might be a problem. As the window to the soul, they need care and attention and so a regular check up is vital in picking up any potential eye conditions before they become a problem. Regular appointments are recommended whether or not you wear glasses or contact lenses.

A sight test will let you know whether you may need glasses for the first time but will also be a health check, picking up any signs of eye disease from conditions like diabetes, macular degeneration and glaucoma. For people with no known issues, a test is recommended every two years.

Windows to the soul

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It is always important to know if anything has changed since your last exam and if there has then you will need to know if the condition is stable, what new symptoms should you look out for, is there anything you can to improve the situation and when you should go again for a further examination. The optician will have all your previous data available using a special optician software. For more information, visit

Eye professionals are often the first line in identifying underlying health conditions that may not have been picked up on such as high blood pressure and diabetes. They will also be checking for conditions such as refractive errors which can be corrected with glasses. Amblyopia occurs when the eyes are misaligned or one eye has a much higher level of refractive error than the other. Strabismus is crossed or turned eyes which can lead to problems with depth perception.

Eye teaming is another issue that means, although properly aligned, your eyes might not be working together as well as they should. Such vision problems can lead to headaches and eye strain. Presbyopia is a problem with focusing that can also be detected. For older people, age related eye conditions can include cataracts and early detection can prevent problems getting so bad that permanent loss of vision is the end result.

It is tricky with children to know if there are any potential vision problems as they might not realise that their blurred vision is not normal. If they are struggling at school or showing poor reading or learning skills then it would be a good idea to schedule a check up to rule out any underlying visual issues.

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