Why you need a plan to succeed in fitness


Most of us have experienced that burning desire to get fit, and embarked on a punishing exercise regime and diet that consequently fails and leaves us back at square one! Typically, the main problem isn’t a lack of willpower or desire to succeed – it’s the lack of a plan.

Why you need a plan to succeed in fitness

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A plan for fitting it in

The first step is to work out when and how you will exercise. Don’t pick an exercise that you don’t like, can’t afford to do, or can’t easily fit into your routine! Think fun and flexible. For example, if you like team sports, then join a team for an evening training session. If you like to swim, try fitting in a regular session before lunch. Consider a yoga class or a brisk walk at lunch.

A plan for eating right

You won’t see results if you are eating junk! Get rid of processed food and focus on quality natural food – protein, iron, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds and plenty of water. You’ll see and feel the difference when you focus on good nutrition, you can also source additional sources of nutrients through daily sources of supplements.  Blueiron specialise in iron supplements for example, but there are lots of supplements available online and on the high street.

A plan for resting

All exercise gains are only realised through rest – so you must factor in plenty of sleep and downtime. Aim to get 8 hours a night of high quality sleep, by shutting out light disturbances and not using digital devices before bed. When you sleep, your body repairs muscles and rebuilds them stronger – so you can train harder!

A plan for the odd treat

Everyone falls off the wagon now and again. The trick is not to view a blowout as a reason to cancel your fitness plans and ignore your great progress! Just admit that you are human and schedule yourself some leeway for the odd treat now and again. The best rule is the 80/20 rule – 80pc compliance with your healthy lifestyle, and 20pc treats!

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