Why It’s Important to Clean Your Guttering


You’re used to regularly checking your windows, doors, kitchen appliances, and smoke alarms, but what about your guttering? Most people won’t be able to remember the last time they checked, but it’s vital you do.

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Your gutters have a crucial role in protecting the structure of your house, and if they’re not working correctly, then you’re in for some costly repairs. They move rainwater from your roof to your drain. Not only can your guttering cause damage, but it can also affect your home insurance.

How to Avoid Gutter Repair

The most important thing you can do is clean your gutters regularly. Blocked gutters cause water to run down the sides of the house, but by removing debris you can avoid this. Another issue is leaking gutter joints. Over time they can become less effective and might need replacing.

Sagging gutters also cause problems, but they can be identified by checking your downpipe on the ground. If it feels loose, then you’ll need to check your gutters and see if they’re sagging.

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Fixing Damaged or Blocked Gutters

If your gutters need to be repaired or replaced, then it’s best to call in specialists. If you feel you’re capable of repair and replacement yourself, some specialists can help you in the process. Companies such as www.absolutebuildingplastics.co.uk sell and advise on roofing products, UPVC fascias and soffits.

Professionals will identify the blockage and remove debris from the gutter. After clearing the gutter, they’ll use a hose and run water down the roof to check the problem has been resolved. If there’s still a problem, then it’s likely you’ll need extensive repairs.

Regular cleaning can identify potential problems, and in some cases a sealant can be used to correct issues and saves you from costly repair services.

Long-Term Solutions

By having your gutters cleaned once a year, you can prevent potential problems escalating. Winter is the best time because most debris occurs in autumn. However, significant pieces of debris could occur in winter, so checking in spring is also recommended.

Gutter guards are also available for people living in areas susceptible to a lot of wind and rain. You can find them online or in specialist stores. By taking some precautions and regularly maintaining your gutters, you can protect your home from some nasty surprises.

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