Why a love-seat could be the perfect addition to your home


Over the past few decades there has been a movement in interior design that focuses on making even the most mundane objects stylish.

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This emphasis on making the most out of functional spaces and items has seen a rise in spa-like bathrooms, designer radiators and even funky front doors. And seating is no exception. These days everything from your snuggly sofa to your dining chairs should exude class and style as well as being practical and functional. But one chair, in particular, is synonymous with comfort, style and…well…love. We are, of course, talking about the love-seat

It’s important to remember that chairs are often designed with a range of uses in mind. Some are for dining, some for relaxing, some for working – think about the importance of finding the perfect office chair. But the purpose of the love-seat is to promote togetherness by being crafted in a way that encourages us to get up close and personal with our nearest and dearest

The history

Bigger than a chair, but smaller than a 2-seater sofa, these love chairs are designed for two. An article in Home World Hawaii suggests that the love seat dates back to the 1600s, and over the past four centuries its design has remained much the same but its style has evolved into rich, upholstery and contemporary design. Now, a love-seat can be a versatile addition to any home. It is small enough to fit comfortably into an urban apartment but also wouldn’t look out of place tucked away in the corner of a drawing room in a stately home.

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From deep, snuggly rounded sofas perfect for sinking into, to love-seats that emulate something of a Chesterfield design that would look stunning alongside some Lloyd Loom dining chairs (https://lloydlooms.co.uk/product-category/lloyd-loom-dining-chairs/), there really is so much to choose from.

Size savviness

And it’s their size savviness that rocketed their popularity, especially with millennials searching for the perfect interior in increasingly smaller spaces. So while their origin might be romantic, a love-seat can also be a practical option for a young single furnishing their first home. Available in a vast array of fabrics, patterns and designs, there really is no limit to the possibilities both in terms of location or style when it comes to choosing a love-seat.

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