Which flooring types are best for allergy sufferers?


Allergies are a big problem for many people, with hidden irritants everywhere you go, but did you know your furnishings could be adding to your problems?

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Dust and pollen can get trapped in your home

With half of the people in the UK now suffering from some sort of allergy, more and more are thinking about how to keep their home dust-free. Dust and other airborne particles are part of everyday life but can be a real issue for some of us.

Something as simple as keeping things clean and tidy can make a surprising difference, as can making sure all surfaces in your home are as hygienic as possible. Furnishings and flooring are some of the biggest worries for allergy sufferers keen to keep issues to a minimum.

Carpeting and plush fabrics may feel luxurious; however, they can harbour hidden irritants such as dust mites, dirt and pollen, all of which can set off problems ranging from hay fever to skin rashes; in fact, charity Allergy UK has warned that carpets could be contributing to the problem. The charity says allergy sufferers are at particular risk at work, but the same problems could happen at home.

Avoiding carpets could make a difference

There are a number of great alternatives to carpet when it comes to flooring. Wood, tiles and Laminate Wood Flooring such as the ones you can see at Irwin Tiles are just a few of the stylish options that will help you to avoid deep-pile problems.

Another option is vinyl, which is a hard-wearing and easy to clean alternative to carpets; in addition, you can see exactly what is on top of it. Vinyl flooring is the top choice in hospitals and clinics, which obviously need to keep their rooms in the most hygienic condition. Their strategy for a germ-free floor can easily be transferred to any home or office where you have health concerns.

There is no need to worry that tackling your allergies will mean living in a clinical environment or sacrificing your style. Vinyl, as with other flooring options, is available in a huge range of looks to suit every space.

There are so many options, with varied colours, patterns and styles, that you are sure to find the perfect floor for your room while keeping your allergies at bay. Which is music to the ears of those sniffing and snuffling their way through everyday life.

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