Where does merino wool come from?


Merino wool is beautifully tactile and so easy to wear. It definitely leads at the front of the pack as a base layer for outdoor gear or as a sweater material. This type of wool has actually been around for centuries and has played a huge part in the creation of some of the most iconic garments.

Before the garment is even made from merino wool, the raw material has to be sourced a year before making it. Originally sourced in Spain, merino wool comes from a specific sheep that is now bred in many different countries, including New Zealand. The wool that is produced is of a high quality and is both ethically and sustainably farmed, which is one of the reasons it has become so popular in recent years.

The Merino Sheep

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The merino sheep is a breed of this common animal that hails from Spain. The earliest account of these sheep dates back to the 12th century. These days, Australia produces most of the merino wool we find in our sweaters and clothing, with 80% coming from the country and a large portion of the 20% left coming from New Zealand. The merino sheep was once so honoured for its superior quality that exporting them was banned from Spain – a crime that was punishable by execution.

The benefits of merino wool

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If you love wearing your womens Merino wool Irish sweater, you may want to know some of the benefits of it. Wearing a sweater or cardigan https://www.shamrockgift.com/beautiful-womens-irish-cardigan made from this wool means you will be comfortable and warm.

Merino wool is incredibly breathable, meaning it can keep you cool on warm days while also retaining the heat for extra warmth on cold days. It makes a perfect fabric for socks, coats, knitwear and base layers for outdoor gear. You can also blend this type of wool with different fabrics. A common outdoor fabric blend is to combine merino wool with synthetic fibres. These hybrids have massive benefits to the wearer, such as odour reduction and durability.

Thanks to the Spaniards, we can now enjoy merino wool as part of our everyday and outerwear wardrobe. It’s usually more expensive than other garments because of its desirability, but the luxury and softness is definitely worth the price.

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