Where can you find free knitting patterns?


Whether you are new to knitting or taking it up as a craft, you can find plenty of patterns which are free of charge. Download some of the many thousands available online for free, borrow a printout of a family favourite pattern from a friend, or browse through your knitting magazines to find something suitable for your tastes.

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Find a knitting pattern online

Online, you can find a treasure trove of knitting patterns and there will be one to suit all tastes. From blanket knitting patterns to instructions to create cardigans, hats and scarves as well as adorable baby clothes, you could easily spend hours browsing. Simply conduct an internet search and you will find patterns at the touch of a button.

Enjoy a pattern passed down through the family

Knitting patterns are often passed down the generations and receiving a handwritten pattern from a grandmother is a way of keeping generational love alive. Create a stunning blanket, dishcloth, sweater, scarf or hat using an old family favourite.

Leaf through old knitting magazines to find a pattern

You may find old knitting magazines in the attic or under the bed, but before discarding them, leaf through them to see if there are any suitable patterns that you can cut out and keep. You can enjoy a wide range of patterns to help you transform your wool stash into cosy clothes or chic home decorations.

Knitting can result in all sorts of creative pieces. For example, a knitted Lady Jane Grey post-box topper has gone on display in her Leicestershire birthplace of Newtown Linford to mark the 470th anniversary of her becoming Queen. If you would like to take up the craft, knitting kits can be obtained from a variety of suppliers including https://www.woolcoutur0ecompany.com/collections/knitting-kits.

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Join an online group and swap patterns

With the rise of connectivity and social media, knitting groups are springing up, not just in-person, but also online. If you cannot attend a group at a community centre or meeting place, you can join online and swap patterns free of charge.

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