When things get heavy duty you need Rivet Shelving.


If you are a business that deals in heavy goods and need some stronger storage then the answer may well be Rivet Shelving. Unlike boltless and slat shelving, this shelving is a much stronger hold that will support larger weights. It is smaller and less cumbersome than the other heavy duty storage solution of pallet racking. It does offer the same amount of weight storage but less bulk space. This means that you can tailor your stock orders accordingly.

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One of the best suppliers of Rivet Shelving is the company of https://www.rackzone.ie/concealed-rivet-industrial-shelving-1830x1219x610-300kg. They can provide you with help and advice plus products to fit your warehouse space.

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Amongst the many strengths of this type of shelving is that it can come in a variety of lengths and depths for you. It can also fit into spaces to your specifications. It is adjustable as the system works by using upright steel beams that then have the shelving units secured by single or double rivets.

This is designed for the use of high density numerous products. It allows for the ease of storage that makes the products simple to identify when they are picked for shipment.

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