What’s your dream bedroom?


If you’ve been thinking about doing up your bedroom as it’s looking a little tired or dated, thenwhat would your dream bedroom look like? It would need to be a haven of relaxation and luxury, opulence and glamour with lots of little touches to make it the ultimate boudoir. Whatever your tastes, rich and sexy, monochrome or bright and exotic – you can be really adventurous with bedroom design and they are a lot of fun to redesign. Here are some ideas for you to consider when you’re planning a makeover:

  • If you love all things light and contemporary then try to recreate the airy feel of a loft bedroom. Cool, crisp linens, clean shapes and loads of light. This is quite a minimalist look but you can make it more luxurious with added touches such as a reclining chair and modern low level furniture.
  • If you want a more romantic look then go for rich colours to complement neutral coloured walls. Bold, accent colour are great for placing the focus onto just one area like the bed. Something like a deep red throw or bedding will draw attention to it without going overboard on the richness, which can cramp a room.
  • Keeping things neutral doesn’t mean boring and you can do your talking with your furniture. Incorporating French-style furniture brings a touch of understated glamour to a room. A large ornate mirror or luxurious Mirrored Furniture will create an air of sophistication. For more information, visit https://myhomerocksltd.co.uk/furniture-collections/mirrored-furniture.

What's your dream bedroom

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  • A featured wallpaper on one wall looks amazing and florals or metallics work very well for a feature wall. Contrasting tones and matching scatter cushions in bold colours can make this look stylish as opposed to overly girly, even with the use of floral patterns.
  • Treat yourself to some luxury bed linen because comfort is just as important as style. If having a good night’s sleep is central to want you want, then keep your room simple and understated to create a serene and peaceful atmosphere but glam up your bed with some top quality pretty bedding.
  • Afraid of going bold in a small room? You don’t have to be with the clever use of bold vertical striped wallpaper which creates an illusion of space, a rich, jewel-toned bedspread and a mirror top side table.
  • Want to go all out for a luxury boudoir? Think about a four-poster bed, purple satin sheets, a chandelier, a chaise longue and velvet drapes for a dramatic period-style bedroom. Ornate mirrors will complete the look.
  • For a statement making piece with a difference, forget the wallpaper and opt for a larger than life headboard. This is a more unusual feature to accentuate but looks fabulous with a grand design that almost touches the ceiling. Sleek bedding and attractive bedside lamps will frame the bed perfectly.
  • If you’re looking for something truly different and dramatic then you could consider charcoal and green (or another colour) as an unusual pairing. The use of charcoal creates a dark, mysterious atmosphere but the balance comes from the dash of coloured accessories. A black chandelier but bright green bedding creates an interesting contrast and the beauty of this design is that if there’s a man sharing your boudoir, at least he won’t find it overly feminine!
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