What’s the difference between trees?


You might think that as you look out over the park that all trees are the same. They all have leaves, they all give us wood and, for the most part, they are green. The truth is that trees are very different in their make up and approach. Some are hard wood and some are soft woods. Some are deciduous and others are evergreens. Whatever the type of wood you are after Timber Merchants Southampton based company http://www.timbco.co.uk/ can provide you with the right one for the job that you need.

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First of all let’s look at the two main distinctions. A deciduous tree is one that sheds its leaves in the Autumn. So, any tree that you see being to get a brown or red tinge to its leaves in September will be a deciduous. These trees are also known as angiosperms. They learnt to populate themselves by using flowers and attractive plants. Bees and Moths picked up the pollen and spread it all around. Examples of this are Oaks. Beech and Ash.

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The other type is the Evergreen. This type of tree does not shed its leaves. It literally stay’s evergreen. Evergreens are Gymnosperms. At one point they were the most dominate tree on earth until the clever angiosperms evolved faster than them. Evergreens drop cones and pods to increase their number but this is not as widespread as using pollinators. Types of evergreen are cedar and pine.

One thing that they both have in common is that they are vital to the environment we all live in.

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