What’s in the Ideal Home Office As More of Us Work from Home ?


With the expansion of the global economy and unlimited mobile internet, more people are opting to work from home. But this brings its own challenges: namely, creating space for a home office.

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A major problem when thinking about the design of a home office is where to locate it without stealing valuable space from your home. It’s essential to get this right, as otherwise you can put your home in danger of losing its essential quality – being your home. Psychologically, this can have a negative impact on your home, work and life balance. So creating a work space that is not intrusive to your home life is an essential consideration.

You will really need to think about windows in your home office as fresh air is important and if your a smoker or a vaper you will want the vaper to go somewhere.  If you fancy getting free same day delivery to your home then pop over to sites like www.lazyjuice.co.uk/ who are a Gloucester Vape Shop company who have several flavours of juices.

Optimizing Space

The key to optimizing office space is not to encroach on your living accommodation but to create a totally separate work area. This is essential, as it relieves the pressure from having to constantly clear away your work in order to gain back your home space.

Many people who work from home create space in the most unlikely places, from transforming a cupboard space to accommodate a desk to using pull-down desks that can easily be put away when your work day ends.

Furniture choices

The key to choosing home office furniture is to think ergonomically and select furniture that is portable and fold-away. Utilizing the space around your desk, such as walls, with space-saving devices like shelving or up-cycled crates will provide you with lots of options for keeping your work area clutter-free. Exploiting the space under your desk by allocating room for storage boxes that fit neatly will also help establish a sense of organization and room.


It is important to have the same personal comfort in your home office as you would expect in a normal office environment.

There are lots of websites you can check out for advice on safe and supportive chairs such as http://www.spine-health.com/wellness/ergonomics/office-chair-how-reduce-back-pain, and if you want to explore the pros and cons of the modern trendy phenomenon that is the standing desk, then check out http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-26937454.


Finally, to really feel good about working from home, ensure your workspace looks pleasant.

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