What you need to know about the scaffolding on your property


If you are engaging in a building project, at some point, you might need scaffolding. Deciding whether scaffolding is required will be the decision of the traders who can carry out a risk assessment and supply the right equipment. A great deal will depend on what is being planned and how much risk is involved.

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Every tradesperson or business must ensure the safety of their workplace, for both themselves and the client. Should the need arise to work at height, they should lower the risk of falls by utilizing existing safe areas or by installing scaffolding. An example of a trader who may need to use scaffolding includes roofers.

Most scaffolding around housing will be of a standard structure. Normal scaffolding is built from the bottom and follows a set design. Should the property be an awkward shape or design, it will be necessary for a designer to design special tailor-made scaffolding to ensure that the structure is safe, rigid and stable. For help with Scaffolding Essex, visit a site like B G Scaffolding, suppliers of quality Scaffolding Essex.

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When the scaffolding sits entirely within the limits of the property, the owners of the house need no special license. However, should the scaffolding enter part of the public pavement, street or neighbouring property, the contractor will need a license from local councils. Remember though, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to make sure this is done and the correct paperwork has been obtained.

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