What type of event should be chosen?


There are many different ways in which business people can gather to share ideas and networks and which format you choose for your company event depends very much on the theme of the meeting and the personality of those who will attend. Will this be an exciting day every year as a way to thank staff for all their hard work or to discuss important trends that have emerged in the industry? The type of event you host will depend on the purpose of the event. Let’s look at a number of the different formats available.

Conferences will be made up of several different sections throughout the day, including panels, keynotes, breaks and roundtable meetings to provide opportunities for learning and networking. They are more serious in nature but that does not mean they cannot be entertaining and with great speakers and opportunities to hang out for a while, they can be very effective.

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The Exhibition will be a big event, perhaps at the NEC for example, full of companies selling their products or services and there will be major themes such as weddings or caravans. They provide a great opportunity to network with people in the same field as you.

Trade shows are similar to consumer shows but are aimed at professionals in the industry and not the general public. The focus is on selling business to business and is ideal for networking. If your event is in unusual location or outside, remember that you might need to hire a generator to power your display, exhibit or presentation. For Generator Rental, visit http://www.newburnpowerrental.com/generator-rental/sectors/

Immersive events are a fairly new addition to the world of corporate events and work well for team building practice. They immerse participants in stories with actors and reconstructions, like movies and you need to work together to come out or solve mysteries. A very popular example of this is the zombie apocalypse event.

A good old-fashioned quiz always goes down well. This is also good for an event and consists of teams that compete with each other so that it helps to foster a bit of competitiveness and also teamwork. The treasure hunt is another favourite and easy way to get people to collaborate on common goals.

A very funny game to include in a casual team get together is called Silent Disco. Each participant is given headphones and told to dance to the beat that only they can hear. It looks funny to everyone and making people laugh is a fantastic ice breaker, working well for networking events too. Stand up comedy can be another option to loosen everyone up a bit.

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Ever heard of unconference? They focus on certain themes but without an agenda, leaving participants to decide what topics will be discussed at the beginning and then leading the way as the event progresses. This is an interesting concept that allows people to think for themselves rather than being ‘spoken to’.

A presentation is a more traditional part of an event and displays demonstrations, lectures or speeches with the aim of informing, persuading or building relationships. They usually work for large conference events but can occur at a variety of event sizes.


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