What is the point in using video in your business marketing?


Video content has been on the increase for the past few years and with YouTube being the second largest search engine it is definitely something that should be incorporated into your marketing strategy.  The video content you use can be traditional video or of an animated variety.  Painters and Decorators Essex way can utilise videos incredibly well in their marketing. Whether this is on social media or their website the before and after images combined together in perhaps a sped up video of their work can help to attract new customers and can dramatically increase trust in their brand.

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Here are some of the top reasons why you should use video content:

  • Increase your conversion rate – It has been noted that video content is more likely to convert someone to a customer than other traditional marketing methods. A survey of marketing companies noted that 71% of them stated that video conversion outperforms other conversion methods. This means that your return on investment will be good.
  • Creating an emotional connection – video content, much like films and television programs evokes emotions, meaning that you can instantly create an emotional connection to those people watching the video. This is due to a number of factors including the content matter, images displayed, tone of voice, facial expressions and body language used and of course the music that accompanies the clip. All of this creates a positive connection and can have a positive impact on the decision-making of the consumer.

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  • Increase your email impact – email marketing is now a popular method of reaching out to existing and potential clients. But it can feel like you are spending hours creating beautiful email marketing campaigns to see very few people actually clicking through. This is where video can help because video incorporated into email marketing campaigns can double your click through rates.
  • Keeping their interest – Most people don’t scroll down a page on a website to read more content and very few people actually click the read more section on social media posts. We are inherently lazy when it comes to getting information, unless it is something you are interested in or you have the personality type that continually wants to learn new things. But at least 65% of people will watch three quarters of a video. So, get your message across in a visual way rather than through text-based mediums or for the biggest impact use a mixture of both.

That is just four reasons why you should think about having video content at the top of your marketing to do list.

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