What is a contentious probate? Ways to resolve problems with wills


Disputed wills are a growing problem in the UK. With large extended or stepfamilies and more people having expensive possessions, it is becoming very common for people to challenge the validity of wills in certain situations. Here are some ways to cope with what is often a difficult problem for all involved at times of stress and upset.

Solving a problem will


You should ensure that you have comprehensive and complete information when it comes to contesting a will. You must know the facts, and ensure they are accurate when it comes to reporting the problems you have with the will in question. Know the facts and be diligent about keeping records related to this very important information. Each claim must be supported by facts and evidence, it is not enough for the contest to just be about hurt feelings or emotions.

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As well as concerns about sensitive family subjects, communication and clear understanding of the issues are very important. Quite often, the real problem will become clouded due to lack of communication, people not talking with their loved ones and other family members.


On the topic of communication – it also happens to be a very useful tool when it comes to dispute mediation, to ensure disputes do not get out of hand. Mediation is a very important aspect of the solution for disputed wills, so you need an expert solicitor with a lot of expertise and experience in mediation. For more information on Solicitors Southend, visit a site like Solicitors Southend Drysdales Solicitors

Aim to Resolve

Aiming to find a way out of the problem is important for all to focus on, after all the dispute will not last forever – especially if you choose a lawyer with expertise in mediation and resolution – there will always be a way out. If you look into the future and imagine a way out of the problem, you are more likely to be able to move forward and get to the point where everyone can reach an acceptable conclusion.

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Take time

Sometimes the problem will involve controversial issues in a family that have been going on for years. Therefore, in many cases there is no quick fix, and it is important to take your time to make sure things are really solved by a satisfying means that will pay off in the long run.

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