What do you mean the castle isn’t in Leeds?


It’s a very popular misconception that people hold so that when you say “I’m going to Leeds castle”, thry think your on your up North. Like with Anglesey Abbey, which isn’t in Anglesey North Wales at all, its outside off Cambridge, Leeds Castle is nestled in the Garden of England in Kent. If you are having your wedding in a beautiful Kent location then take a look at the following website from a Kent wedding photographer http://www.tylermadephotography.com/wedding-photographer-kent/

The castle rises out of a man made lake. It’s one of those castles that whilst it looks impregnable it is in reality little more than a country home that has evolved out of the original defence one that was built first. It has been labelled the most beautiful castle in the world if not the most beautiful. Although the castle at Eileen Doonan in the Highlands might want to argue that. Leeds Castle dates back to the Ninth century but it is the giving of the castle to the De Crevecoeur by King William Rufus the descendant of William the Conquer. The where many small civil wars after the death of Henry the first and such was the battle between King Stephen and Queen Matilda. The family supported Matilda and Stephen wanted the Castle. There was a siege, but the Castle withstood it.

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After the death of his wife Eleanor of Acquitane the Castle passed to Edward the First. He decided to spruce up the castles defences, due to it’s location near France and London. He also liked to take a bath and we can see that this is when the bathhouse was added. Edward married into the French royal family to address these poor relations and improve ties. The castle would be given over to the Queen afar he died. Edward the second wanted it back through and beheaded the traitorous new owner.

Henry the seventh wasn’t bothered about Leeds castle but Henry the Eighth was. Despite all the wives he had an eye on the place for fun and royal frolics. He felt secure enough in his monarchy and reign that he could turn the castle into a royal palace. It’s him then that we need to thank for it being a visitor attraction. Henry brought round five thousand visitors one night so that would have kept their visitor services busy that day.

Henry gave the place to St Antony St ledger for all the good work he had done sorting out the Irish problem that Henry had been having. St Ledgers fortune was up and down, and he had no money to affects changes. There was little money, so the St ledgers sold it to a Mr Culpepper who had grand designs on the home. First, he knocked down all the old buildings and built the Jacobean style that you see today. Luckily for him he was supporter of parliament otherwise he may have found his castle blown to bits by Cromwell.

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