Unusual Funeral Requests


Grief can bring a lot of different emotions in people. For some, grief is unbearable and the loss of a loved one can bring out some questionable behaviour. For others, the desire to truly honour the deceased can get the best out of them.

Funeral directors have a tough job and may find themselves in a position where they must organise some odd arrangements at the request of family, friends, and even from beyond the grave.

I’ll take that part please

It is not uncommon for families to ask for some urns when loved ones are cremated – what is strange is a specification of certain body parts. Many a funeral director has been approached by a family with a very specific request, such as arms, legs, or heart. When someone dies it’s like a piece goes missing – some seem to know exactly what specific parts they need.

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A dressing down

When one must attend a funeral, it is normally expected that one must dress up. It’s about paying your respects so people usually don their Sunday best. However, one funeral director received a very unusual request – a man asked if he could see his deceased friend in the chapel of rest and go in naked. Luckily for the other guests present, this is one request the funeral director didn’t allow.

Practice makes perfect

With anything in life, it can take a few practices to get it right. Knowing this, a young woman from China decided to take matters into her own hands when it came to her wake. So she didn’t have to miss anything and got all the details correct, she decided to throw herself a funeral.

She used savings to stage a luxurious funeral complete with origami decorations, professional photographers, and many others to mourn her. She invited her family and friends and even invested in a makeup artist who specialized in funeral makeup. You won’t need a practice run with a reliable professional Funeral Directors Essex like https://www.tcribb.co.uk/

Planning for pets

Pets are often considered a family member and the death of a pet can be devastating, as every owner of a fur baby knows. It’s important to honour them by showing their importance to the family. An old couple bought a pre-planned funeral package valued at over $ 20k for their cat. They wanted a chapel service, catering, visits from clergy, a motorcade to the crematorium and a cat-shaped urn!

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Coffins come in all shapes and sizes

Creating a unique burial is a great way to honour the dead. It is not uncommon for people to be buried with photographs, letters or personal belongings. For a chap called Billy Standley, however, that desire got a little more complicated.

Billy loved his Harley motorcycle, so his dying wish was for it to be buried alongside him. However, accommodating a 700lb motorbike is no mean feat, and knowing this he decided to prepare for it. Before his death, his children constructed a coffin out of translucent plexiglass that was stored in his garage. Billy did not want to just ride it out in style, he wanted a crowd. Held by various straps and metal clasps, the coffin was hitched to the rear of a pick-up truck, helping Billy to make his last trip on his beloved bike.

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