Types and Uses of Industrial Mixers


Industrial mixers are machines typically used for mixing and blending different materials. They are used in a wide range of industries such as agriculture, oil and gas, cosmetics and food. In fact, when a material needs to be blended, mixed, made finer or turned into a paste, an industrial mixer is usually involved.

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Types of Mixers

There are almost as many mixers as there are uses, with Screw Blenders, High Viscosity Mixers and Double and Triple Shafts being just some of the types on the market. Most mixers use a blade which rotates to create the end product, but many also use air and pumps to move and transform the product. However, it is difficult to describe all mixers using the same words, as they all perform different functions.

Static mixers, for example, are devices used for the continuous mixing of fluid or gas materials – or often both. A static mixer is capable of dispersing gases into liquid and combing liquids. The static mixer also comes as the plate-type or cylindrical style of mixer and can be as large as six metres in diameter.

A double cone blender, however, may be compared in appearance to a concrete mixer, although water isn’t added. This mixer is used for mixing dry powder and granules homogeneously and is suitable for pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic products.

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Functionality in Mixers

The reason why we find so many mixers and static mixers available from suppliers such as statiflo is that they have different functionalities depending on the products they will make. Pressures and temperatures vary depending on the required use of the machines, and some machines must use heat to mix their products. Options such as hydraulic engines and soft-start systems are also required to ensure materials are not dumped too roughly in the drum.

Some mixers such as Continuous Processors operate as their name suggests and are used to combine several dry and liquid components in a precise manner to produce the end product continuously. This mixer allows raw materials to be added during operation in order to provide a steady supply of end product.

Although most mixers are made to suit their exact purpose, many more can be used in various different capacities and industries. Food and cosmetics mixers are often very similar, if not the same model.

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