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Shopping for sex toys can be fun and even more fun if you’re partner is on board and you shop together. If this is something new for you and you’re not quite sure how to broach the subject then here are some handy tips.

So, you want to bring up the subject but you don’t want to offend your partner. You need to make it clear that a vibrator, for example, is not replacing your partner or being introduced because they’ve done something wrong, but is purely something that looks like fun that you could experiment with together. Bring up the subject when you’re both relaxed and in a comfortable environment. Don’t give the impression that you’re bored but that you’d like explore new levels of intimacy.

Once you’re both singing from the same sheet, shop around together. For a wide range of Online Sex toys, visit This way you can discuss what will work for both of you and keep things open and lighthearted. Ordering online is also great for discretion and privacy. Start small and simple if it’s all new to you both and remember that size isn’t everything! A little experimentation will need to be done before you both find out what works best.

Being more confident in the bedroom is a liberating thing and so tell it like it is. Sex is a two-way street after all. Telling your partner what really turns you on may feel intimidating at first but once you do then it’s gets easier and the results will be worth it.

Sex toys have come a long way since the electro-mechanical vibrator of 1883 and there are so many different types, probably more than you could use in a lifetime. Some traditionally viewed as solo toys can easily be translated into use for couples as well. There are sleeves, dildos, props, plugs and love cushions to name just a few.

Toy testing

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In our busy lives, it’s easy to fall into a routine and feel tired and stressed after a long week at work, household chores and looking after kids. It is difficult to find time for just being a couple like it was when you first got together. This is where sex toys can be really useful as they will give you the perfect excuse to snap out of your routine and dabble in something fresh and exciting.

Make sure to buy high quality products though as cheaper toys might be made from chemicals that you’d probably not want to insert into your most intimate parts. Always remove batteries from a toy after use as this prolong the battery life and also prevents the toy from accidentally turning on at any point. This might be awkward if it’s in your handbag! Finally, relax and enjoy as you only live once and who says it can’t be a pleasurable experience?

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