Top Wedding poses for the camera


With selfies all the rage, we are getting more and more familiar with the most flattering faces to pull in front of the camera. However, even with this increasing knowledge, many of us will still have suffered from something of a photo-fail when it comes to trying to capture our best angle. But when it comes to your wedding day, taking chances on the wrong poses is not an option. And so, with the help of an experienced wedding photographer (and these tips), you should be well on your way to shooting your memories in a stylish – and flattering – way.

Top Wedding poses for the camera

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Use Your Friends

The best wedding photographers will understand that alongside the expected excitement of a wedding day, nerves will play a major part too. You and your photographer may have planned to take snaps of your preparation from the big day as these poses are a popular way of illustrating the anticipatory atmosphere of such an event, but when it comes to it many brides find nerves overcome them resulting in disappointing photographs. Therefore, make sure you keep best friend / bridesmaid / mum / whoever you feel comfortable with nearby; the shots will still feature you and only you, but with a supportive voice off camera you will appear relaxed yet excited, just as you would hope to be.

Striking a pose

One of the most important things you can get right with the help of your photographer is the angles at which you position yourself and from which images are taken. When the vows are over and you and your partner are (hopefully) relaxed, it’s still worth taking the time to make sure you look your best. Standing at a slight angle before tilting your chin down then looking up towards the camera can work wonders and the positive impact of this can be enhanced further if pictures are taken from an elevated position. Even a high class wedding photographer will be well prepared to clamber up onto chairs or tables in order to get you the images you deserve. And though most couples will not go to the lengths of Randy Florke and Sean Maloney, as reported in the New York Times a high angle shot can make the most of you and your dress.

Just the two of us

Some of the most treasured photographs will undoubtedly be those of you and your partner alone. What you’re looking for here is a balance between natural and posed shots that when combined will truly remind you of your special day. Although professionals will spend plenty of time planning what you want from your wedding album prior to the day itself, the best photographers will always be on the lookout for great backdrop opportunities that cannot be predicted. Although not all backdrops will be as dramatic, or as dangerous, anything that stands out and puts you both in a good light is a good thing.  Simple shots of beautifully maintained gardens with colourful flowers and well-trimmed grass cut with hand propelled petrol lawn mowers by suppliers such as will no doubt give you a beautiful back drop for your chosen photographer to take advantage of, and create an album you and your partner will treasure forever and a day.

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