Top ways to create kerb appeal


If you’re thinking of selling your home, you’ll know that kerb appeal is crucial. If your property is lacking in that department, someone may not even get out of their car for a viewing. And, of course, even if you’re not planning on selling, everyone wants to feel their heart lift when they come home and put their key in the lock. Here are five simple ways to give your place that all-important kerb appeal.

Top ways to create kerb appeal

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Door and windows

Are your windows and front door in good condition? Cracked frames, blown glass and peeling paint all add up to an unloved appearance. Ensure yours are kept well cared for and don’t forget to select paint colours with care.

Gardens and other greenery

If your property has a front garden, ensure that it is well kept. This means mowing any lawn, choosing plants and flowers thoughtfully and ensuring beds are weed free. Even if you don’t have a garden, most properties benefit from carefully placed window boxes, hanging baskets or a pair of planters either side of the door. Think about what sort of plants or flowers would suit your property best. A pair of bay trees could work well outside a Georgian-style townhouse, while there can be few homes that would not be brightened by hanging baskets of trailing lobelia or window boxes of bright red geraniums. For more information, check out the BBC’s guide to the perfect hanging basket.

Top ways to create kerb appeal2

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Stone and brickwork

Keeping stone and brickwork in good condition is important. Over time, these can be discoloured or damaged due to pollution, fouling by birds or vermin, or as a result of graffiti. Masonry cleaning services, such as, can get things back into shape for you.

Drives, garages and gates

Drives can be expensive to lay but maintaining them does not often have to involve much more than a little weeding and a jet wash. You may also want to consider gravel, which can be aesthetically very pleasing in the right setting. Your garage, too, must be well maintained and, if appropriate, painted. The same goes for any gates, which must also be oiled and in good working order.

Finishing touches

A bistro table and chairs in a sunny spot, a bird table or some elegant hardware for your door can all give your home that little something extra.

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