Tips to speed up the ranking of your brand new website


Whether you own a completely new business, or you are just setting up a business website for the first time, you need to secure high search engine rankings if customers are going to be able to find you online.

Tips to speed up the ranking of your brand new website

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A good website is no longer an optional business extra. According to This Is Money, most people nowadays search online for businesses that they are interested in buying from. A failure to rank highly with search engines means that your website will be invisible to your customer base, so you need to have a good marketing strategy in place to ensure that your site gets seen.

With this in mind, here are our top tips to get your website ranking highly, even if it’s brand new.

Look for alternative keywords

Your competitors may have selected the most popular keywords for your particular industry, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t compete. Choose slightly different keywords and you could secure the number one spot for your chosen selection, which makes your site visible to your target audience.

Tips to speed up the ranking of your brand new website2

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Find appropriate keyword modifiers

Your preferred keywords may not be available, but try adding a modifier, such as ‘best’, ‘budget’ or ‘luxury’ to your selection. This could help to drive significantly more traffic to your website.

Seek out niche keywords

If you can ascertain keyword variations and alternative phrases that sum up your business or products, you will attract buyers with serious intent. Bear in mind that keyword selection is a fine art, so unless you are prepared to spend several hours researching your keywords, you could benefit from professional input. Choose a reputable PPC management company, such as, who can even offer a free audit of your site to show the difference that a good campaign could make to your visitor numbers. With wide experience of the industry, PPC management is extremely cost effective.

Buy traffic

A good marketing campaign is worth every penny spent on it, so don’t dismiss the idea out of hand. There are relatively cost-free options, such as asking industry bloggers to mention your site, or you could make use of targeted advertisements, or a robust PPC campaign. Consider it an investment, as you should more than recoup your outgoings once visitor traffic increases, quickly proving whether or not your marketing campaign is effective.

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